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I have not been too frequent on social media lately as I have been going through a self- prescribed curative therapy, aimed at purging myself of ‘textiety’, as I was fondly glued to the internet mainly through my phones; but here I am well drowned in a deluge of messages that have flooded my handles, some of which are soliciting my opinion on some national issues; but before I settle down to that, let me digress a bit.

I had thought it is only in Nollywood that we witness watery rushes of a lazy coloration of our common sense, until last weekend when I came in contact with a certain man, whose introduction threw me into crestfallenness, followed by resounding laughter.

“I am the Personal Assistant to the Senior Special Assistant to the Special Adviser to the Deputy Councilor of this Local Government”, thus the man introduced himself.

A certain motion picture came to mind, that which portrays Idi Amin Dada with his many titles: LAST KING OF SCOTLAND.

The same obtains in our religious settings, most especially our churches. It is a common take for purported MoG or WoG to introduce themselves with all the funny prefixes and suffixes that they can readily lay their hands on: Dr. Supreme Most Senior Evangelist/Prophet/Primate/Pastor Miracle Godson, PhD, Mss, JP, Justice of the Peace, DLitt, General Overseer of Kingdom of Darkness Fighting Ministry. Crazy!

Whatever the many appellations give, I do not understand. Of what value is a man that calls himself the head of a nation or a home, if he carries that title only in the ceremonial sense, but shirks his responsibilities thereto? “The hood does not make the monk”

Well, to the main issue at hand.

There is a common saying that it is only a crazy man that expects a different result from doing the same thing over and again.

The imbecility from Abuja that is taking a heavy toll on our national pride is the main nonsense I want to talk about here.

Any sane person will know that to have been caught with dollar bills running into millions, undocumented and airlifted into another sovereign nation, is enough slap on the face of the violating individual or nation; but to repeat same a second time should be taken as massive foolishness, in this case, of devious people in Abuja who are in one way or the other linked to our national security; no wonder the insurgents are having a leeway perpetrating their evil acts. No wonder!

I do not in any way have any grouse with the government of the Republic of South Africa, as no sane government will operate like ours, where anything goes, where millions of dollars will go missing and life will continue normally, with no one asking or answering any questions. In essence, no sane government will operate like a Pablo Escobar.2

The story we are being told that some governments, especially that of the USA, are blocking us from procuring arms to fight this insurgency, cannot be tenable to a sound mind. Let me ask:

Is it a new thing that the USA blocks the sale of arms to nations that are credited with Human Rights abuses?

Is Nigeria the only nation that has been blocked from procuring arms in the world?

How have wholesome funds, legally or illegally, been ferried across borders before now?

Many questions, but I know there can never be intelligent answers from Abuja. All they do is to perpetrate more and more foolishness. The one you hear today will be a child’s play in comparison to the madness that will be acted tomorrow.

It is one thing to believe that the monies in question are meant for procuring arms, and it is another to believe that the said funds are stolen. Whatever the case may be, the Federal Government hasn’t given us a reason to believe any explanation that is being, or may be offered for such movement of funds, because under our very nose, billions of dollars developed wings, flew away, and till date, we have not been able to tell its destination.  Government Magic just as Fela will call it.

A government that thrives on lies.


My wife, a lawyer, and I had a chat immediately the news broke that the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has ruled that Ngilari be sworn-in as the substantive Governor of Adamawa State. She said it was a wrest by the judiciary to free itself from the claws of the executive, but I haven’t seen the full fight yet. I can tell that the judiciary as it is , is drowned in the same corruption pool that the executive and the legislature are swimming in. Look everywhere and tell me otherwise.

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