#MrJudgemental: Why are People so Mean?

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Saw this photo today and began wondering why Nigerian would rather waste their creativity on negative and irrelevant things. The person who showed me the picture was almost rolling on the floor laughing and I asked myself, “What in the world is funny about the picture?”

All we ever do is add spice and life to rubbish and insult our own identity as Nigerians. Take for instance, I have never seen a movie made ingenuously about Shehu Shagari or Obafemi Awolowo or any of our founding fathers. But a nollywood producer can use just three days to produce a movie about the abducted Chibok girls and ebola.

Or is it the “Oga at the top” incidence or “Na only you waka come” incidence that has been turned to a studio hit with several DJ remixes?

It is a shame that we enjoy downgrading our nation and everything that concerns it. The Holy Book says, we should regard our parents and elderly and it shall be well with us.

People who go about doing stuff like this… Continue, but don’t open your mouth blaming anybody for Boko haram or any other mishap.

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