#MrJudgemental: Single Reason to not Box your Wife…

The man who doesn’t know Floyd Mayweather is certainly very unambitious… Period!!!

So this guy bags a total earning of $105 Million, bringing into remembrance his September 2013 fight against Canelo Alvarez to set  the record for highest pay- per- view gross of $150 Million, live gate worth of $20 Million and a total revenue of $200 million. Also, with lucrative sponsorship agreements and merchandising machines in the background, this guy earns over half a billion dollars a year without endorsements.

My brother, why are you wasting all that Million dollar energy on a woman?

Mayweather has earned all that with just 47 fights and 47 wins in a year. Can you count the amount of times you have boxed your wife with undisputed championship?

You can generate Millions of Dollars for your family in a real boxing ring and end the frequent fights over the small change in your house.

Kindly give this a thought.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Judgemental.

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