Mistress Stripped and Beat Up in China

An alleged Chinese mistress is stripped naked and beaten in the street by a gang of women wearing stilettos. Her rivals, dressed in mini-skirts, shorts and high-heels, angrily stick the boot in as their victim writhes helplessly on the floor.

This took place in a shopping area in the middle of a city and the most amazing thing is not one person stepped in to stop the savage beating.

Passers-by either looked on or kept walking as at least three women laid into the victim with a fourth recording everything on a phone.

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1413210392559_Image_galleryImage_Pic_shows_Lin_Yao_Li_who_ Woman Accused of Cheating Stripped Naked And Beaten Woman Accused of Cheating Stripped Naked And BeatenWoman Accused of Cheating Stripped Naked And Beaten


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