I Think her Father is a Herbalist… Breaking Up Too!!!

I read a post on this site about someone wanting to break up with his girlfriend because she attends White Garment. I also read one insightful comment regarding the issue and I honestly wish my own situation will find answers. Honestly, between God and man, I am even scared of my girlfriend.

She is so adorable both in appearance and character and I can confidently say that I was certain about her future status as my wife.

She did not hide anything about her background, except the herbalist issue, which I found out myself. As time went on in our relationship, she opened up about her poor and humble background and about how she supports her younger ones. I even told her to quit her job in order to give her complete attention to her studies. She is the kind of woman you would do anything for or give anything to without feeling bad.

Initially she told me her dad cooks herbs, a profession he inherited from his own father, and I must add also, that her parents are so kind and free spirited. All these changed when I was led to their backyard by her younger brother who wanted to show me his science project or practical as most people would say.

I saw numerous pieces of red cloths tied to shrubs and wooden dolls, and I saw a tiny enclosed corner with mud pots of different sizes and broken calabashes that looked dirty.

I have not been able to confront her about what I saw but I am certain that I do not want the relationship again. I really do not want to hurt this young kind hearted young lady, because she even calls me her husband sometimes. I really don’t know how to do this but I honestly know that this relationship cannot continue, but how do I get off it without hurting her and without being looked at as a bad person by her family?

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