He said “My Packaging is Awful”

Hi. I have been in this relationship for a while now and the guy is quite caring and loving.

But we have been having issues lately and he keeps complaining of how I look. He says he spend a lot of money to buy me the best cloths and trending hair but I still end up looking trashy.

I know I look good when I look at the mirror and I watch style network a lot to know what’s in vogue, so I know I am trying. But that hasn’t stopped the complainings. He keeps saying he wants me to look like this other lady or that other lady and I got fed up.

I told him I could not take it anymore because if he can’t love me as I am, then we should break up. He then told me to go ahead and do what pleases me and that he would bet that no man on earth will ever consider dating me because my packaging is awful.

I have been feeling terrible that this guy I’v come a long way with would say a thing like that and I am also scared of the fact that he might be right. It is hard to get a guy that buys things for you and I’m wondering if I’ll find another if I break up with him.

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