Atiku Accuses Jonathan of Running ‘Clientelism’ government

Former vice-president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Monday, accused President Jonathan for running an administration characterized by ‘clientism’ and nepotism, implying that his government does not benefit Nigerians in general but his close family relations. He mentioned this at  a  press conference  held at  Olusegun Obasanjo President Library, Abeokuta, to  herald  a two-day Atiku Abubakar policy review summit, through the Director-General, Atiku Campaign Organisation, Prof. Babalola Borishade, who lamented that the country was being misgoverned by the present administration.

He went further to say that the presidential system of government under Jonathan has been turned to presidentialism, in which the president wields enormous power, where he favours only his cronies.

According to him, “as a result, effective accountability and representation through popular democratic participation is giving way to personal rule and single party dictatorships rooted on politics of Clientelism. Clientelism refers to the awarding of personal favours among patrimonial cronies. These favours take the form of public sector jobs, appointments, distribution of resources through licences, contracts and tax wavers. Corruption, nepotism and official impunity have brought our country down to the bottom 3 per cent in the world in terms of political stability.In essence, what we have now in Nigeria is a form of patrimonial democracy. This is posing serious threats to the durability of democracy. Not only because it erodes civil liberties of citizens, thus creating a culture of political apathy and disenchantment among them, it also severely limits the extent to which Government can be pressed to be responsive and accountable towards the citizens. Thus, for both of those who are inside and outside the network, the future is bleak.”


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