US Strikes Major Al Shabaab Base- Somali Officials


Reports  say that the US has struck where Al Shabaab were meeting.

Ahmed, a Senior Intelligence Official with the Somalian Government said, “there was an air strike at a base where senior members of al Shabaab had a meeting last night.”  He also added that, “So far Godane’s death is a strong rumor that may or may not turn to be true. What we know is that the militants were bombarded. However, it is difficult to know how many of them or who particularly died.”

Abdiqadir Mohamed Sidii, Governor of Lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia, where the strike occurred, some 245 km (150 miles) southwest of the capital Mogadishu, said he believed Godane and other senior al Shabaab members had been killed.

He said, “We understand a U.S. drone killed Ahmed Abdi Godane and other seven senior members last night near Hawaay area around Barawe town.” He however did not say how he got the information on the attack, given the location is in an area still under Al Shabaab control.

Residents in Haaway said they heard loud explosions late Monday in an area they described as a densely forested.

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