U.S Counters ISIS’ Propaganda; Releases Video


The U.S has released a web campaign video meant to counter ISIS’ ideologies titled, “Think Again, Turn Away” From Jihad. Using some footage from ISIS propaganda videos, the State Department’s Center for Strategic Counter terrorism Communications is combating ISIS’ ideologies and disproving their claims of righteousness. 

The video is a brutal mockery of ISIS’ propaganda, used to recruit sympathizers. It shows how ISIS has betrayed Muslim Ummah by blowing up Mosques, crucifying Muslims and killing them, execution style.

The web campaign video employed the use of rhetorics, merged with video some ISIS footage to project the inhumane nature of ISIS and their greed. Phrases used for the campaign include,

“Where can you learn useful new skills for the Ummah! Blowing up Mosque! Crucifying and executing Muslims. Plundering public resources. Suicide bombings inside Mosque….”

The anti-ISIS video ends with a sarcastic enticement to would-be jihadists, reading; “Travel is inexpensive, because you won’t need a return ticket!” Then a body is thrown off a cliff.

The link below re- directs to CNN World. Click to view.

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