Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Reports Being Beaten Unconscious by her sister and nephew as the mother cheered on

It was a near deadly day in Ibadan at 5.15pm Wednesday September 17th 2014 when International Journalist and Pharmacist Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo was attacked in front of her Agodi residence while in a long running altercation with her sister Ms Funke Olunloyo the Oyo state Special Adviser to the Governor on Education.
Olunloyo was earlier pick axed by her sister’s maid Janet Naomi Benson on Monday Sept 15th 2014 over orders that her boss told her to close all the gas fuel in the house thereby preventing Kemi from cooking. It is a long running feud between both sisters which many say it’s over the fact that she has constantly criticized the Governor of Oyo state Abiola Ajimobi demanding services for the masses.  
Her sister Funke Olunloyo formerly Omitowoju and a mother of 4 has blasted her in public accusing her of trying to bring the Oyo APC government down. Both sisters share a house in Ikolaba that belongs to their father and elderly politician Victor Omololu Olunloyo. Kemi has always felt that her mother took sides with the sister on the wrong end of the issue posting on Facebook details of the siege and standoff on Monday September 15th where Funke Olunloyo was heard on tape saying she will behead and hammer her older sister Kemi. Funke has a long history of violence and is a member of the Grail faith which many people say has caused this dark behaviour.
On Wednesday evening, several motorists and bikers witnessed Kemi on the driveway of her home being beaten brutally and smashed in the head by a 15 year old boy, her nephew Fifehan Omitowoju and son of tech guru Muyiwa Omitowoju, Funke’s ex husband. Her mother, former Oyo state First Lady Mrs Funlayo Olunloyo was also seen kicking Kemi in the head along with her grandson and daughter Funke all beating her brutally because she emptied a drum of rain water with no provocation trying to use the drum for fresh water delivered by the water corporation.
Mrs Funlayo Olunloyo was heard cheering them on and was saying “Good, she’s dead, let her die!” as Kemi lay motionless with internal head injuries. This video was very disturbing and is posted online. Several neighbours and eyewitnesses called police who refused to intervene as it is not in their nature to involve themselves in domestic issues in Nigeria.  The former Governor and elderly politician visited his house earlier in the day and is said to be distraught about the whole situation since Monday when it escalated.
Kemi suffered head injuries and a concussion, knee bruises, a huge cut on her toe and also 4 swollen fingers on Monday after being hacked by a housemaid who is the source to the ongoing problems in their home many on Facebook said. Funke Olunloyo has refused to fire her maid and blasted the former Governor, her father that a firing will not happen. Janet naomi Benson was promoted from a 2006 Housegirl to her PA as of present.
Kemi is a legal owner of firearms in the United States and cleared for use in Nigeria as many Nigerian American returnees do. Despite the high rate of crime in Nigeria, she protects herself and has not resorted to using them in her household as she is also a gun violence activist. She urges the Nigerian Police Force to step into domestic situations.
She is slowly recovering and thanks her fans, colleagues and partners for all the kind wishes.
Editor: This report was sent in by Kemi Olunloyo. Views expressed and the content are solely the author’s

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