“He Beats Me Everyday… I Can’t Leave Him”- Anonymous

I’ll start with an apology for not revealing my identity. This is because he’ll know I am referring to him, so I remain anonymous.


We have been seeing each other for 9 years and I can count the days he did not slap me or hit my head and even beat me, just four months into our relationship. His entire family already knows me and we were meant to get married married 5 years ago but he is not financial buoyant enough to pay for my bride price and marriage rights, so he asked me to move in with him till he raises the money and I know he is working hard towards that.

My only problem is that he has a very bad temper and uses his hands on me at the slightest aggression. The last one was when I asked him how far with his plans for our wedding. He said I was entertaining advances from other men who are probably lying to me about marrying me. He also said that I am very ungrateful because he has been trying his best to cater for me and that I know how hard he works, but I have the nerves to ask him that question. Before I could justify my question, his entire body pounced on me.

We have done 3 abortions because he said he cannot afford to cater for me and children at the same time for now. God knows I love him but God also knows that I am already tired of waiting to be his wife. Please how do I solve this whole problem without leaving him?

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