APC In Troubled Waters As Buhari Remains Adamant, Refuses To Step Down For Younger Candidates

Former President, and one of the Presidential hopefuls under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, General Muhammadu Buhari has remained unyielding ,

Despite pressure from different angles that he should give up the 2015 election in order to give younger people the opportunity to contest in an election the party has vowed to be ‘a do-or- die’ contest.

This decision has not only manifested in Buhari’s recent comment and consultations with party stalwarts, but has been displayed even at several gatherings of the party’s caucus where he showed no sign of a politician willing to listen to the advice of others as it concerns the 2015.

Recent events showed that the former Head of State is almost getting to the finish line of his presidential ambition, as he is now working to ensure that the October 8 formal declaration turns out successful.

Buhari who undoubtedly has cult followers and loyalists across the country, especially in the North-eastern part of the country will be making a 4th attempt to govern the country.

His several attempts have however become his greatest undoing as some of the APC members are of the views that it will be regrettable if the party opt for Buhari as the daunting criticism has always been that he is advanced in age and as such cannot be supported by majority of the country’s youth.

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