Osun Will Decide – Yemi Olutoye

It is during the election period that you begin to handpick the intellectuals from the food mongers; when we encourage the ‘food for votes’ system, by default we also encourage the ’embezzle public fund’ process. How else will politicians replenish their loss if not through public funds… Unfortunately, the ones at the receiving end of bad governance are always the ones adamant to change. “Let’s eat from the government’s pocket while we can, let’s eat from the national cake” mentality.

Is it worth it? How we trade four years of governance with a bag of rice, a plate of ‘Odourless Fufu’ and all sorts. I thought it used to be a thing of disgrace when politicians make attempts to give tangibles in place of votes; is that not bribery in disguise.  It is true that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach; but I never knew it was this serious. If we are to collect anything from political aspirants, it should be their words and manifetos. We are giving them an opportunity to sail the boats and if we don’t choose right, soon everyone will be in need of a lifeboat.

 Soon, every Nigerian State with its politicians will acknowledge that they can’t have a successful election without first feeding its voters. More reason why the aspirants won’t attend an intellectual debate which originally, is meant to pull more voters; where they argue out what it is they have to offer. In a sane society and at the sound of debate, every aspirant will tremble and look forward to it. They will prepare like it is their last, read books like they will never read again and the only thing worth stopping them is if their health turns down on them. But, in this part of the world, where sanity is no longer our priority as long as “Oga” drops something, voting is sure.

If Osun will decide right… if we’ll look away from the distractions of money, vehicles and food. If the people will follow their instincts as to voting the man they want… if only… but it is high time I woke up from my dream… the people are already embracing the cars, money and food like a mother embraces her new born.  Should we say it is rather too late for this? May be, may be not. But I still believe the ones who will decide will decide; even if it is one in a hundred. Osun will still decide!

Written by @YemiOlutoye

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