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My Thoughts On The #USAfricaSummit – Seife Tadelle Kidane

Dear All,

We witness that for the last one year African Leaders are engaged in different summits: – Africa-Japan Summit, Africa-China Summit, Africa Europe Summit, Africa India summit and at this point in time, USA for Africa-USA summit. With this notice even if all the summits are important from political and socioeconomic point of view but the most important ones are Africa-China, and equally the Africa-USA crucial considering the trade volume and economic and political muscles of these two economy powers.

Nevertheless what it strikes us a concerned citizens of this continent how we can strategize such kind summit race for our own citizens’s benefit and to prosper our continent as a whole? We have to bear in mind that no country is inviting African leaders for honeymoon, they have their own political and economic agenda as a country to benefit from untapped Africa natural and Human resources. Such moves from developed nations is not a crime from national interest and international law perspectives, rather our African leaders they have to attend the summits with Pan African agenda as one voice to make beneficiary the African population at large.

As for me, the first question should be identifying our interest and demand as a continent at this point in time we have to have a crystal clear agenda or demand which, we have to forward to the developed world with mutual benefit and respect. What would be our priority as a continent at this juncture? Is it Information Communication Technology transfer? Capital injection to our economy? Science and education? Peace and security? Or all of the above ? The above agenda or any other agenda for that matter it shouldn’t be present or crafted not only by the Government leaders but it should also be a comprehensive and inclusive effort of civic society, academia and other pertinent societal structure.

Consultation with our own people are vital and unwavering. Most of us were informed about this summit by international media or social-media, as well it is not clear or we do not have a clue what the agenda of this summit is. Moreover no one explained except Susan Rice televised address, how the continent benefits out of this summit and so on, there is nothing clear about the summit what will be the outcome? How the African population will benefit or vise versa. Some of our leaders they might consider as a vacation or retreat or to reaffirm their loyalty with United States of America.

One thing is true, whatever the outcome maybe we as a people of Africa we have to engage and voice ourselves not only through our leaders but through different platforms otherwise nothing will change in the ground.

I would like to remind the organizers of such important platform, the participants and our leaders not to ignore the demand of African people, which is primarily to get out of poverty and demand to live in peace and tranquility. For our leaders to be mindful and respect their own people. To know that any multilateral agreement or framework you are making today is likely to affect the generation come.

With this remark my advise will be to respect and demand our people dream in this important Africa-USA summit, and most importantly before you leave your country, communicate with your people at least give a press conference at different levels, make aware the agenda to the public, consult with all your people and constituencies and at last when you come back, tell the African people the outcome of the summit.

I wish all the best out of Africa-USA summit

Yours In Pan Africanism

Seife Tadelle Kidane

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