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The Revolution We Need

It will be unwise and indeed foolish for any progressive mind to vote for the crop of elements among the two major political parties in Nigeria. The fact remains that only a handful of persons in APC/PDP have credibility and morals. Indeed, maybe less than ten people. Yet these are the same recycled no-do-well politicians that have been ruling and ruining the fortune of Nigeria. Just like the concluding part of George Orwell’s Animal Farm where there was no clear distinction between man and animals, so is the case in the political parties in Nigeria. It is very difficult to separate politicians from different parties. They move across political parties daily for selfish purposes mostly. They are like vultures, prowling from party to party seeking for carcass.

The point is, these parties APC/PDP/LP/APGA etc and the people there have shamefully failed Nigerians with less than 2% of them actually living up to expectation. In the light of these and other terrible acts of these parties/individuals not listed here, it is now the time of the youths to prepare themselves and participate in the next coming general election in 2015. The time has come for us to try something new. We mustn’t trust the politicians again. They are criminals. They are blood sucking vultures and don’t mean well for Nigeria. They are selfish thieves who loot and loot alone. They are inept and lack understanding of contemporary politics.

As a people in Nigeria, the time has come to adopt a new measure to deliver this nation from the hands of the politicians. The time for the youths is today. Those tales that the youths are the future of tomorrow are past. The tomorrow is now. Youths in all parts of the country should start organizing themselves in groups and associations and from amongst them they should get a neutral party and fill all the available positions from councilors up to the governorship level. The youths should mobilize themselves and vote for their fellow youths. No youth should be seen voting for the old folks in APC/PDP anymore. There is a great tendency that even the elderly women and men who vote every now and then will sympathize and vote for the youths.

Call it a mild revolution and it might be true. The revolution should not necessarily be bloody. This could just be the opportunity Nigeria has been waiting for. It’s a fact that the vultures in PDP/APC have all the looted billions to spend for electioneering process, but the youths have the energy and strength wish is very important. It is very possible. Use the tools affordable/available to create awareness. Social media is great now, spread the word, get trending, use very effective and not so expensive ways to reach out to your communities. If the inhabitants of these communities are made to realize that there is need to change the order of things from APC/PDP, people will support because these old parties are visible huge failures. Contest without fear and let us ensure a revolution takes place by deposing all this recycled elderly incompetent selfish politicians.

Reports have it that Kate Henshaw, Julius Agu, 9ice and few others are planning to contest for positions next year. This is a very good development. These celebrities should be given all the support they need. In fact more celebrities should indicate interest as governors and senators for their states. Sports personalities, professionals and all popular celebrities should contest. Youth organizations should present various candidates for positions. We need a different breed of political office holders in Nigeria.

We should have a deep reflection of this discourse and stop supporting the politicians and start planning on parties to join to achieve political positions. It’s so depressing when you see people like Nuhu Ribadu, Mimiko and others decamping to PDP and some other terrible ones decamping to APC. This clearly shows that the politicians of these parties don’t care about the youths or the country in general. Let there be a bold statement by the youths. Picture a local government ward with a youth association and several wards within a federal constituency with their youth associations merge. From among them they can get three local government chairmen, thirty councilors, two state house of assembly members, a federal house of assembly member and a senator. It might sound so theoretical, but it is workable. The revolution we have been agitating for can just start in this format or a similar pattern.

Presley Akhigbe


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