“I NEVER Conceded The Election To Fayose” – Gov. Kayode Fayemi Bares It All

Published:20 Jul, 2014

John Kayode Fayemi, Governor Ekiti State
John Kayode Fayemi, Governor Ekiti State
John Kayode Fayemi, Governor Ekiti State

Kayode Fayemi, the governor of Ekiti state, was widely hailed and praised when he chose to “concede” to Ayo Fayose, the PDP candidate who defeated him in last month’s governorship election in the state. Fayemi was hailed as a different breed of politician.

His party however was not too impressed with his move. It has been making statements condemning the Ekiti election and now Fayemi, in an interview – the first since his loss – which he granted to Dapo Thomas, a journalist and university teacher who also writes for Sunday Sun, Fay­emi said that he never conceded the election to Fayose and asked doubters to read the transcript of his post-election broadcast again.

“Anyone who understands the English lan­guage well would know that that speech was not the concession speech that many people are talking about. Yes, I have said I won’t chal­lenge the election in court and congratulated Mr Fayose, but that’s not tantamount to accept­ing the result. That’s about saving Ekiti.”

The full interview, which is quite a long one, shows the complete metamorphosis of the governor. You can read it below:

The outcome of the June 21 elec­tion in Ekiti shocked the entire na­tion and even the international com­munity. To what extent were you disturbed by the result?

Very disturbed indeed and worried for the future of elections in our country. Nobody goes into an election to lose especially when you have put a lot into it. When you have worked hard and earned the trust of the people, you should have every rea­son to feel confident you are going to be rewarded for the hard work and performance. I said in the course of the campaigns that this election, in my own view, would be decided on the basis of char­acter and performance. On those two grounds, majority agree that we were heads and shoulders above every other candidate in the race. Leaving that aside, no candidate campaigned the way we did – touching every nook and corner of the state, towns and farmsteads alike. Most of the time we were on the field campaigning, PDP was nowhere to be found. We actually didn’t campaign like an incumbent.  We campaigned as if we were the challenger, the underdog.

But I must also say we were not unaware of the desperation of the PDP hierarchy to ‘win’ Ekiti by every means possible. We saw the federal forces at play in the election and they were undisguised in their desperation. Election is a process. An elec­tion is not just rigged when you snatch ballot box or when you change result at the collation centre. Election could be rigged by the processes leading to that election itself. When security agents that are supposed to be neutral for example go round pick­ing party leaders the night before an election and party anchors on the day of election in a coordi­nated and choreographed manner with no charge levelled against them, clearly you had a pre-deter­mined end that you are seeking. It is not time to go into any great detail about what we found to be unacceptable about the process which is why I was reluctant to give this interview in the first place. But we have also promised that the infrac­tions will be documented and exposed because we owe Nigerians that.

You don’t want to accept the fact that something went wrong with the APC in the Ekiti election?

The election was not about Ekiti, it was turned to federal forces against APC in the state. If it was performance, head and shoulders we won the election and in terms of mobilization, in terms of campaign, in terms of issues. As a matter of fact, the PDP candidate had no issues. He was reactive throughout. No issues, no agenda, no manifesto. The only manifesto was I am opposed to any policy issue Governor Fayemi has raised or is implementing. I even give some credit to the La­bour Party candidate who, even though at the last minute, still came out with a manifesto of what he would like to do in office. That clearly did not happen in the case of the PDP so we were really the only ones with a tested programme that had been implemented across the state. I have heard and read all sorts of “pepper soup joint” analysis about stomach infrastructure and people voting for rice and all that.  Attractive as the analysis may be to some people, I don’t think it fully does credit to the Ekiti people. Really, yes there are tendencies of instant gratification that crept into Ekiti politics – particularly in the early days of PDP government in the state-but those tendencies are not so deeply ingrained as to imagine that our people depend on what they can eat here and now in order to deter­mine what happens to their future. It just offers these elements a convenient explanation for the abracadabra that they inflicted on Ekiti State. But again, as I said, time will tell. We may find the op­portunity now that the party has gone to court, we would find out from their own side.  But I think it is important, as I said in my broadcast, to docu­ment all these extraneous elements; the siege on Ekiti by the military and other security agencies, the role they played in instilling fear in the state. There are of course a lot of arm-chair pundits who have argued that the security siege was insufficient to explain the loss of APC. Many of these pundits were not even in Ekiti during the election and had no idea what actually transpired. Two days to elec­tion, my colleagues who were coming for my final rally were stopped from taking off in some cases, mid-air in other cases and actually at the boundar­ies coming into Ekiti state. Ten days before then, my party people were attacked on account of the traditional sweep after the PDP rally. I was tear-gassed and ordered to be attacked on the instruc­tion of the Vice President who was in Ekiti on the fateful day, the same Vice President who had boasted that Ekiti and Osun elections will be war front. Even after I lodged a complaint with the Na­tional Security Adviser and the Inspector-General, it was my own people who were charged with ter­rorism. So, this was a very carefully orchestrated agenda driven by the forces, federal forces who have been saying to everybody’s hearing that they must take Ekiti because Ekiti, for them, was the gateway to taking the South-west. So there is noth­ing that happened that cannot be explained.

But you conceded defeat

Did I really? We were left with two obvious choices following the announcement by INEC on the morning of the 22nd of June. One was to reject outright what we considered was clearly a blatant manipulation or to accept it. There were a lot of grey areas in between those outright choices. It is convenient to many who want to re-write history to say Fayemi accepted the result. But all you need do is read the transcript of my broadcast and you would come to a very different conclusion. With over 30,000 security agents in the state with clear instructions from the Presidency to do everything to place Ekiti in the president’s corner, it was a critical moment for the state and I believe it was more important to rescue Ekiti from bloodbath than to plunge it into one. I believe it was impor­tant to turn a new leaf and fight our cause with­out resorting to violence. That’s what the Federal government and the PDP had planned for.  That’s the verifiable intelligence I received. And as the Chief Security Officer of the state, I had to decide whether to allow Ekiti to be turned into a killing field by trigger-happy security agents already on instruction to mow them down for protesting the abracadabra inflicted on them. Under the circum­stance, my decision was clear: peace now, justice later. And really, do we want bloodbath in Ekiti? Do we want our people to be slaughtered? Do we want Ekiti to become the trigger for truncating Nigeria’s fledgling democracy? We felt we have a role to play in protecting this democracy no matter how flawed it is and that’s why I did what I did. Anyone who understands the English language well would know that that speech was not the con­cession speech that many people are talking about. Yes, I have said I won’t challenge the election in court and congratulated Mr Fayose, but that’s not tantamount to accepting the result. That’s about saving Ekiti. Anyone who heard me throughout the campaign would recall my consistent remarks that I won’t go to court for any reason, genuine or otherwise over the election. I was only ensuring that my word remains my bond. When Chief Oba­femi Awolowo decided he was not going to court over the ‘moonslide’ victory of the NPN in 1983, was that acceptance of the election? In any case, now that my party has gone to court to challenge the election, the various infractions in the election would be subjected to scrutiny.

Even at that, was the decision not too hasty and are you saying you did not regret doing this?

I don’t know what you mean by “too hasty”. I have always argued that for me, my politics is without bitterness. It is politics of principles and politics of service. No sacrifice is too much to make for Ekiti people and I have always said it, from 2006 that I became active in Ekiti politics, I have always said that I would not govern over dead people and I would not allow the blood of Ekiti people to be spilled on the altar of politics. The choice was simple, I could have done other­wise and my supporters were ready. I could simply say to them, you can see the manipulation because everybody was shocked that this was not our vote.  Don’t forget, we have 226,000 registered APC members in Ekiti State. We completed our party registration barely two months before the collection of INEC permanent voters’ cards and the continuous voters’ registration exercise was done. We used the same INEC polling units for our party registration. The simple argument that is being made which defies logic is that at least 100,000 of APC members did not vote for their own candidate. If as INEC says, we have 120,000 votes in the election and we have 226,000 mem­bers in APC, I am not talking of sympathizers, I am not talking of outsiders who love Fayemi, who are not card carrying members of the party, I am talking of party members who registered in Ekiti State, 226,000. So, you are either saying that out of those 226,000 members, 100,000 among them did not collect permanent voters cards or they col­lected but they did not vote for their candidate. That is simplistic analysis of what you are saying and these people when they got to the field, when they got accredited, they knew one another, they knew who was APC, who was PDP, we were get­ting feedback on how many of our members were in each polling unit and yet the results in most cases were at complete variance with the evidence before us. So, it’s not enough to take the result de­clared at face value. We need to dig deeper into what happened and those alleging ballot fraud and so called Zimbabwean option are probably talking about that. However, on the basis of the declared result, it would simply have amounted to sour grapes and being seen as a bad-loser if we didn’t take the initial step we took to calm frayed nerves but with sufficient caveat that the last has not been heard on the election. Here is the simple answer to your question. If I had triggered a crisis by reject­ing the result, if I had made a different broadcast, a broadcast that simply says Ifaki people, they said you voted against Segun Oni and me; Oye local government, they said you did not vote for your son, are you going to let this daylight robbery go? It might have been the beginning of the end of Ni­geria’s fledgling democracy and a lot of Ekiti peo­ple on both sides PDP, APC, non-partisan people, innocent souls would have been lost, what would be my gain in that? I am not hungry. I didn’t come into politics as someone who doesn’t have alter­native. I did what I did by making that speech to save my people. So there was nothing hasty about it. I knew the plan that the military had, I knew the plan that the police had, don’t forget I am the chief security officer of the state and I get to hear from all these people. I knew the instructions they had given the soldiers because some of them were relating with me and they were not happy that they were being given instructions like the ones they got in Ekiti. As one of them told me, if they keep bringing us into these matters that are not our business, then they cannot complain if something totally negative happens. One of the soldiers told me that and it is an elementary principle of civil-military relations that the more you drag the mili­tary into civilian matters, you never know how it’s going to end. So it wasn’t hasty and I don’t want you to see it as if it was an acceptance speech…it wasn’t an acceptance speech. Please read it, if you read it, you would know that it was very condi­tional in very many ways.

…..But in all this why didn’t you carry the party along?

Who told you I did not carry the party along? You know there is a lot of myth and a lot of sup­positions that people make.  I did not just make the broadcast, I sat with party leaders. Who is who in our party in Ekiti were all with me when I went to make the broadcast. We all sat down and agreed on even the format it would take. This was not a broadcast I decided to make out of the blues. We knew we had not lost an election freely or fairly and we knew the agenda was to annihilate and maul down our people. We love our people more, and our interest is to secure them, to protect them than to just protect our office. It was a carefully calibrated speech.

You mentioned something about “a new sociology of the Ekiti people evolving” in your historic broadcast. Can you elucidate more on this?

It was just an honest reaction that if indeed this was your will, then it runs counter to what we know politics is about. In politics, performance is rewarded more often than not. Yes we have had instances, of Winston Churchill losing an election after he came back as a hero in the Second World War or Pierre Trudeau of Canada. It happens but the fact that it happens does not confer correctness on it. If you say oh, this is the view we have of this governor, he has performed, he has demonstrated competence, his acceptance profile is very high, everybody loves him, yes there are things we may not like about him, he is detached. He is not a social animal. But it still will fly in the face of logic unless there is a new sociology. Because once you say performance is not rewarded then all you are say­ing, the message you are sending to politicians is, you know what, you better don’t behave like Fay­emi. You better get there and take care of yourself and your family and when it is election time, go out there and start sharing rice and boli and mouth organs and jump up on okada and say you are the peoples politician and I think it is a very dangerous message that we are sending about what politics should mean to our people. And that is why I said before that I didn’t even accept that that is what has happened because it is those who are hard put to explain their own success, this moonslide success, they are the ones saying you know it is because he is an elite governor, it is because we are on the street with the people. It is a very simplistic, a his­torical explanation. You will need to dig deeper and that information would come in due course.

Your defeat in your ward and your local government was disturbing. One writer said this was because people were angry that you built an “imposing structure” in your home town Isan Ekiti in the midst of poor people that you never took care of? What is your reaction?

I think whoever wrote that was ill-informed. One, I don’t believe anyone would say that I was defeated in my unit and my ward. The result is there they should go to INEC and check. As far as I am aware, in my unit, I think PDP had one vote, Labour had 0 and I believe of the 168 people that voted there, I had 167 that voted for me in my unit. In my ward, I had 2022 votes to PDP’s 261 much less for Labour. How anyone would describe this as a defeat is a way of calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it. And to now talk about impos­ing structure, it is so disingenuous, I don’t even want to comment on it. The building that I have in my community, I mean my house, was built long before I became governor. It was declared in the assets that I declared on October 16, 2010. This can be googled, I am one governor who is proud to say I have led an accountable, transparent life as governor. Anyone who can come out and say I have added one block to any part of my house around the world since I became governor, I chal­lenge the person to come out with evidence. I live a very modest life and there is no need for me not to. I have a small family and I have only one child.  My politics is not politics of materialism but in Ni­gerian politics everybody opens their mouth and say whatever they like about you because that is the way Nigerian politics is. You must malign oth­ers in order to try and get some kind of foothold. I wonder what is massive about my house. So when I hear about this imposing mansion, I ask myself is he writing about me or writing about someone else and here was a journalist who said he had never been to Ekiti, because I read the piece. So, you then ask yourself, you write this and you have never been to Ekiti, where is your credibility? So this is where hatred blinds credibility. How would anyone take such a journalist who regards himself as a serious columnist serious when you write that. The same person you are talking about wrote that I have a university in Ghana and said that I have not denied that my wife has a univer­sity in Ghana. This is part of the misinformation that people spread even when they know it is a lie. A university is not what you put in your pocket. I have denied this at every opportunity I get and challenged the peddlers of the rumour to provide evidence, the university authorities in Ghana have denied this. They have come out to say that give us the evidence of this university. We know the universities that are in Ghana, we know those they belong to, yet you keep this Goebbelsian lie hoping that if you keep repeating it, it would stick. With time, somebody would now say oh, I read it somewhere and when somebody read it some­where, what is the name of the university, who is the Vice Chancellor or president of this university, how many students are there, who exactly gave you this information, where is it written. But you know why they would go for a university, it is Fayemi now, he is an intellectual, an academic, you can’t say he has an oil rig or an oil refinery. That may not be believable, you can’t say he has a power plant. But if you say he has a university, they would say you know he is one of these elitist academics so that is the kind of thing that he would like. Quite frankly, for me there is nothing wrong in having a university, but I do not have a univer­sity anywhere in the world. But you then ask your­self, why do people lie? What does it advance? It diminishes them more.  Like that columnist, he is greatly diminished now, at least in my eyes, and in the eyes of many others. Those who used to take him seriously before would think twice about any­thing he writes from now on because they know that his writing is not based on any objectivity. It is personal, hate-mongering, disingenuous lies that define him and it is unfortunate because we don’t need that for the growth of this democracy. There are some people that you take serious. This is not something you are reading in a junk publication, if you are reading it in one of those funny rags that they call soft sell, it is understandable but not in a mainstream newspaper in which this person is a respected columnist, it is not just done.

Was there any connection be­tween your defeat and the fact that you were never in control of the par­ty structure in the state?

What do you mean by not being in control of the party? What is wrong in having collective lead­ership in which other party leaders have a say in the party structure? Don’t forget we are in a party where there are former governors, senators, House of Representatives honourable members etc. Why should a single individual aim to control a party of several thousand members? My position as the leader of the party is not challenged by anybody. The party chairman and the executives are not necessarily new people to me. In fact, I played a critical role in the installation of the party chairman way back in 2006 when I was not even a governor, I was not even the candidate of the party because we had just formed the AC from the amalgama­tion of AD and ACD. When Jide Awe became the party chairman, and he had been party chairman for 8 years since then, he is somebody I have a great deal of respect for; he is committed; he was a student union activist like me before getting into politics and he has done reasonably well in the position of chairman of the party and I don’t in­dulge in self- aggrandizement. The party machin­ery works for the state. I don’t know what anyone means if they say that we were not in control of the party machinery. Who is then? Who is in control?

Do you regret any of your actions, policies, utterances, behavior and programmes considering the out­come of the election?

There is nothing we have done that we don’t think it’s the right thing to do. I have always said that governance is different from politics. When election ends, governance starts and you must be able to, yes, mix both, but at the same time you have a duty as a leader to take firm decisions when necessary in the best interest of the people. Gover­nance is not a popularity contest, election may be a popularity contest but governance is about deliv­ering the greatest good for the greatest number of the people and to that extent there is nothing that we did that we cannot defend in terms of their im­pact on the people. Whether it is our free education programme, we know what has changed now, we know what our hospitals used to look like, people can go there and see what they look like now. We also know what the infrastructure in the state used to be like and we know the quality of infrastruc­ture we have since put in place. In Education, in healthcare, in agriculture, in rural development and community empowerment, in social security and women empowerment as well as provision of jobs, there are indelible marks of our administra­tion.

However, there were a number of policies that many deemed controversial and as I said, you hear so many pepper soup analysts who go around say­ing, ‘Oh, it’s because Fayemi was doing test for teachers and was looking for ghost workers in lo­cal governments and putting biometrics integrated pay roll system for the civil servants and all that.’ You know vision is always 20/20 after the fact. In all the steps I took, my primary interest was to bet­ter the lot of my people. Though there are aspects of some of our reforms that might have been han­dled differently, there is none we would have jet­tisoned. There are also aspects of our reforms that might have been communicated differently to the people particularly those affected because change is always difficult to swallow. People don’t like change. Sometimes, the price to pay for leadership is to be firm in your approach to change particu­larly when you know that that change would be in the ultimate best interest of the majority of the population. So, sequencing you can argue about and say timing, sequencing of the reform, players, path, processes are issues that we deal with when we are talking about effective and efficient gover­nance. But the reality is that some of what we had to do we did and there is no need to regret anything we did because it was in the best interest of our people and I believe that posterity would judge us right on those policies.

The Governor-elect, Ayodele Fay­ose has described himself as a grass­roots politician and you as an elitist politician. Did this make any differ­ence in the outcome of the election? Was there really a disconnect be­tween you and the grassroots?

Well you know, I don’t want to comment on anything that Mr Ayodele Fayose says. He is, as I have said to Ekiti people, my brother. I have a duty to weld together everybody who had been fortu­nate and privileged to occupy this very important position and they are not many. In a substantive manner, we are only talking about four: Niyi Ade­bayo, Ayo Fayose, Segun Oni and me. So, I would love a situation in which the office would not be desecrated no matter who occupies it and the peo­ple who have occupied it would have to display sufficient maturity to always come together in the interest of the Ekiti people. But some of the things that people say must be analyzed, again in the in­terest of those who are gullible enough to believe these simplistic soundings; grassroots, elitist and other nonsensical terms.  These are terminologies, which have been bastardized by those who do so for reasons best known to them. No government can be more grassroots than the government we run in Ekiti. For the first time in Nigeria’s history, a governor does not do budget until he has visited communities and I have done this thrice now, for 2011-2013 budgets. So, it is not by accident that over 1200 projects dot various communities in Ekiti, which were specific requests made in those town halls and village meetings held in those com­munities. What could be more grassroots than that? I don’t make budget by sitting in Ado Ekiti. I go to various communities, in spite of the fact that I have a plan, I have an agenda, everybody knows the agenda, it’s something the people can recite and they recite it all the time. The eight-point agenda, the road map to Ekiti recovery. It was like a man­tra. I don’t just stand on my agenda, I also go into communities and discuss objectively with them; what are your priorities for next year? What would you like me to do? There is hardly a single com­munity that you can get to today that you would not find five, six or more projects determined by the people not imposed on them from Ado Ekiti.  When people talk to you about grassroots and elite they are talking about somebody eating roast corn on the roadside or hi-fiving an okada rider. Excuse me, that is bastardization of governance, that is not grassroots politics. Grassroots politics in my view means affecting the lives of people at the grass­roots in a fundamental way and improving their lot. The 25,000 elderly people that are collecting #5,000 every month in an institutionalized manner live in the grassroots, they don’t live in the air. The youth in the volunteer corps, the ones in the peace corps and youth in commercial agriculture, they are not urban-based, they are mostly in the grass­roots. I ask people, how many times did people see Chief Obafemi Awolowo eating boli on the road just to demonstrate that he was a grassroots man. The person who used to do that then, of course, quite popular in his own sense, Adegoke Adelabu, the penkelemesi man. Yes, very popular, a rabble-rouser. He knew how to rouse the people but he also genuinely loved the Ibadan people. For him, it was a two-love engagement because he was an in­tellectual. S.L.A Akintola too. Awolowo was seen as standoffish, an intellectual not a social animal. I am proud to follow in that footstep. I have actu­ally no regret if that is what it means to be elitist because the policies that we implemented affected people in the rural areas more than people in the urban areas positively. But honestly, I don’t want to engage in any political brickbat over the defini­tions of elitism and grassroots.

Some have suggested that some of the agenda you set for your first term should have formed part of your second term agenda – the assess­ment test for teachers, the search for ghost workers in local governments and the civil service and demolition of some houses etc. Do you have any regrets for your actions?

For me, objectively in politics of theory and practice of governance, one standard feature that crops up all the time is what we call sequencing. Yes, there are things that you may choose to do at a particular time but you also have to ask yourself, are we God? How can you plan for a second term when you have not even demonstrated to people what you can do with the first term. That’s an as­pect people leave out when they are talking about sequencing and timing in governance. What if I leave all these legacies out and not do anything throughout the first term, simply because I don’t want to hurt a fly, I don’t want to rock the boat, I don’t want to demonstrate leadership. Leadership is not about not taking decisions particularly hard decisions. I believe people know where I stand on governance now, if you were to ask people. I was very touched when I read The Economist and the first line in the report read thus “one of Nigeria’s most reformed minded governors has been ousted from office”. We are all writing our own history, I do not accept the logic that oh, you know don’t rock the boat. What I have done is a measure by which others would be judged now and they would have their own time to demonstrate what they can do in the interest of the people. Are people saying that ghost workers must be entertained, are they suggesting that people must have loopholes to steal government money? Are they saying that the future of our children is not important to us and the quality of teachers should be ignored? Is that what we are saying? I am sorry, I don’t come from that school of thought. The school of thought that I come from stipulates very clearly, this is what I would do when I get to office, it was an agenda. I shared the agenda with people all over Ekiti state. It would be disingenuous on my part, to now get into office and not revive Ikogosi that I promised to bring back and not revive Ire Bricks Factory, one of key pegs of our industrialization agenda in the state and not revive the quarries in Igbemo or not fix the roads that I promised to fix. Or not get the health centers and the schools reconstructed. Ditto, I couldn’t have left the teachers the way they were. Now, Ekiti teachers are the best paid teachers in the country. Because I promised that I was going to put them on a pedestal that would im­prove the quality of the pupils produced by them. So when they get core subjects allowance and they get teachers pecuniary allowance and they get ru­ral teaching allowance, is it just for nothing? They must also fulfill their own part by demonstrating dedication and commitment to the children. My interest is in those children and when I do the same in the university, it is not accidental that Ekiti has moved to number 17 out of universities in Nigeria from almost number 200 on the Webometric index in the space of three and a half years. The record is there for all to see. So if they like, because Fay­emi is no longer there, let them return to the era of miracle centres and let them start selling handouts again in the universities. Let the lecturers abandon peer review in the appointment process. All the in­novations that we brought even whoever occupies the seat would find out that these are things that should not be reversed in the larger interest of the people of the state. So, I have actually no apology, I’m sorry.

Is this why people say your ap­proach to governance is too theoreti­cal or you think it’s not true?

Of course, it is not true. Everything that we did was informed by analysis, deep-thinking of the Ekiti condition and what will take us speedily to sustainable development. If we do road infrastruc­ture in a landlocked state, rural place, it is because we are very clear in our mind that those who want to bring the proceeds of their farms to the urban centres would be able to do it in a relatively seam­less and painless manner. So if we connect our state with a network of multiple roads, it is not an accident when people care and set up facili­ties there. When I became governor, you can only refer to one standard hotel in Ekiti, maybe two: Fountain and Pathfinder. Since I became governor in Ekiti, not fewer than 10 standard hotels have sprung up. That’s a measure for you because they are providing jobs, facilities, leisure for people. There is nothing elitist about that or theoretical because for me, I am clearly convinced that hand­out is not what would make development real in Ekiti. Instant gratification does not bring develop­ment to any society, it is the enabling environment that you create for jobs to grow, for investment to come that would create opportunities to develop a sense of self-worth, and to begin to focus on how to earn a living, not to depend on crumbs from the table of politicians. So we have a fundamen­tal approach to our politics and it is a very clearly defined social democratic agenda and we believe that the strong must provide for the weak and they must be in a position to pull up the vulnerable in the society. So we have a very clear social welfare programme that everybody commends. But at the same time we have what you might call a fiscally conservative program, which some people don’t like because we go after those who want to reap where they did not sow. We fished them out of the system, we blocked all the corruption loopholes in the system particularly in the civil service. Some are not happy about that. We demand accountabil­ity and transparency of ourselves and of others and that was why I declared my assets as the governor publicly and not privately. So, in our government what you see is what you get but if people are now saying that is theoretical then what is theoretical about opening yourself to scrutiny and expecting that to happen of every other public officer.  What is theoretical demanding of people to pay appro­priate tax whether they are lecturers in universities or commercial okada riders because the resources gathered from this would be used in the overall interest of everybody. Of course we have to pay for the free education, we have to pay for the free health care, we have to pay for social security and we cannot depend completely on what is coming from Abuja. You know I am not fazed by some of the resentment to this. Anybody who knows Western Nigeria’s history would remember what happened to Chief Obafemi Awolowo in 1954. Because of one pound tax imposed for free edu­cation, he lost a regional election. The same free education, 50 years later, is what everybody is praising him for. So, those who say it is theoretical, fine. Others have also said Fayemi is years ahead of his time. I don’t know whether that is true or not because there is nothing we are doing in Ekiti that is extraordinary. These are policies and pro­grammes that have been tested elsewhere and they have worked in the overall interest of the people. For me, it is about our people, it is not about self.

The Governor-elect referred to you as an honourable man, yet he said your achievements and performance were media hype because you built on his previous projects. He also said the Pavilion and the government house were of no economic value to the people. Are these comments befitting of a person described as an honourable man or was this used as a sarcasm?

You have tried as much as possible to make me talk about Mr Ayo Fayose and I have tried as much as possible to avoid desecrating the office because there is no way I am going to talk about him or some of the remarks he makes that I would not have course to question the extent of his readi­ness for the office he wants to occupy. Honestly, I find it strange that anyone could say that a pa­vilion that has a sitting facility for 12,000 people, in a state where people come to do crusades, concerts and so on, and occupy secondary school pitches, would not find use. This is something that is bound to generate funds for the state if well managed. And I would be surprised if my brother said he could not see the economic impact of that. There is nothing that we have put in place that is not regenerative whether you talk of Ikogosi, the Pavillion, the Civic Centre or Oba Adejugbe Hos­pital. I don’t expect him to come now and see what we have put in Ikogosi and say he wants it to go back to the Ikogosi of his earlier period in office. I would hope not. Ditto, the Government House, the Civic Centre, Oba Adejugbe Hospital, Ire Clay Factory, the 700kms of road. So if he says I have built on what he did, well that’s what government is all about. It is a continuum. He should come and build on what I have also done now.

The Governor-elect Ayo Fayose thanked the Labour Party candi­date, Barrister Opeyemi Bamidele for helping him to win the election. Do you regret not having Opeyemi Bamidele on your side?

Opeyemi Bamidele took his own decision, he is an adult and I think we should respect his de­cision. But likewise he would have to deal with the consequences of his decision, that’s all I can say about him. I would like to have everybody on my side. There is no politician who wants to have enemies. I will continue to say this, my politics is not politics of opportunism, it is politics of prin­ciple and I am not afraid to stand alone as much as I would want to have people on my side. I am one politician who is not afraid to stand alone for my beliefs. So if there were people who chose not to be on my side for whatever reasons, I can only wish them well.

How do you explain the allega­tions of perfidy and nonchalant at­titude leveled against most of your appointees?

In politics, people always level allegations, in every political struggle, you would never find a 100 percent commitment, you would never find people acting in almost the same fashion. We ran a campaign, a hugely successful campaign. We would have people who will have their issues. There is no government in office that would have the groundswell of support that I had before it got to office. No government can maintain that be­cause politicians being who they are, somebody who wanted to be a commissioner and ended up being a senior special assistant, he would continue to eye that position of a commissioner and would continue to feel under-utilized and unhappy for whatever reason. Somebody who feels he wants to be chairman of a board or a local government who ends up being given a supervisory councillor position will also have his bones to pick with the governor and of course all complaints stop at the desk of the governor. I am not going to say that all my appointees and political leaders performed ex­cellently but I don’t think perfidy is an appropriate word to use to describe non-performance.

Some people said your govern­ment was being run from Bourdilon. Others said you alienated Asiwaju Bola Tinubu from your government. Can you tell us the true version or what kind of relationship you had with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

One version says I am being micro-managed from Bourdilon, the other says he is his own man; he thinks he is an intellectual, he is independent, he has distanced himself from Bourdilon, from Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.  Asiwaju is my leader, I have never denied that, he has done a lot for me personally and politically and I owe him a great deal of gratitude for that. But our relationship is also based on mutual respect because it is not a relationship that started in politics. I was never a member of the Lagos crowd as you know. I was never a commissioner in Lagos, I was never a senator or even a resident in Lagos. I knew him way back, I knew him in exile and we forged a common bond that was dedicated to the removal of military rule in Nigeria and that relationship continued. He played a critical role when I was asked to run for the governorship position in Ekiti. He supported it with everything he could muster and when we went to the election and I won, we ran into road blocks that eventually led to the tri­bunal.  He was also very central and supportive of all that we achieved. But what many people didn’t give him credit for, for those who don’t know him well, is that they expect him as our party leader to send them my way all the time and for many people he refused to do that. He said look, let these people run their government, if you have any ad­vice to give them, you go to them directly but if you pass it through me, I would endeavor to de­liver your message to them. But no matter what steps he takes, he would be analyzed, analyzed and analyzed. Whatever steps I take, I would be analyzed and over-analyzed.  Therefore, it’s a no-win situation. They will say he is running Ekiti.  The truth of the matter is that when it comes to specifics, I have enjoyed a great deal of advice from him because he was a governor before. There were things that I have done that if I asked him for advice, he would give it. That, this is how I did it during my time but you know your area is different, it is not as cosmopolitan as Lagos. You may need to manage some tendencies much more carefully. He was always willing to give us advice. You would always have this and all my colleagues also faced the same issues. But the same people would say that oh, he has abandoned Tinubu, he has embraced Adebayo. I don’t run my life on a zero-sum game basis.  I have several leaders, and I have a lot of respect for them and they have a role to play both in my emergence and in the suc­cess of our administration. I just consider it “Beer parlour” talk when they say all these things and I know that Asiwaju himself knows that that is what it is.  When these people sit down and concoct stories, and peddle rumors you can’t stop them. You can’t legislate against rumors unfortunately, particularly against political leaders. There would always be all manner of things being peddled. Am I my own man? Of course I am my own man. Do I have leaders I respect? Absolutely, I have a lot of leaders I respect and they need not be mutually exclusive. I can be my own man and still have leaders I can take wise counsel from.

People, I mean, public analysts and politicians, have singled out your Chief of Staff as the major cul­prit for your defeat. Why did you al­low him to have such massive influ­ence on you?

It is very funny but I find it interesting. Chiefs of staff by their very nature, they are seen as the attack dogs of their principals. Go into history, chiefs of staff are almost always hated. Chief of staff is traditionally an American-created office. In British politics, you probably would have cabinet secretary, principal private secretary and all that. The chief of staff is the person who coordinates the governor’s office. That automatically makes you an object of hate. The way you now manage it will define how you are seen. Most chiefs of staff are not liked at all.  When Tunde Fashola was chief of staff in Lagos, I know what some of his colleagues in the cabinet used to say about him… so that’s the first thing to say. So if you are the chief of staff who is seen to be close to the governor…but the truth of the matter is that the chief of staff in any government is only as powerful as the gover­nor wants him to be. So when people build myths around any government official, you are just providing an excuse and cover for the governor because the chief of staff is a shield.  How many people want to see the governor? The governor’s office is a very busy office, part of the duties of the chief of staff is to manage expectations of people. On a normal day, if you get to Yemi Adaramodu’s office, he has more crowd there than you can ever find in my office because he has to manage a lot of people who are desirous of seeing the governor. Those who are unhappy that they are unable to see the governor don’t blame the governor even though it was the governor who would have been the one to give the instruction that “Mr chief of staff. I’m busy, I don’t want to see any one’. They put the blame on the chief of staff and in a situation like this, the blame game continues. I think it is unfortunate and I don’t think people should indulge in that, I think all of us have put in our best. There may have been lapses here and there but a lot of what they say about the chief of staff is unfounded and untrue. My chief of staff is not the most diplomatic person I can tell you that, that is his major problem, and it is also because he knows everybody very well and people don’t like to be exposed for their perfidy or their untoward act. There are things I would really not say about any politician, Yemi would say it and they would hate him for­ever for saying it. The governor rarely says anything that is negative or bad about anybody. But the chief of staff feels that it is his duty to protect the governor and to expose you if you are not working in the larger interest of the party. I recall when I came into politics, I knew what they used to say about a gentleman called Biodun Oyebanji who was chief of staff to governor Niyi Adebayo, I knew what they used to say about Alhaji Lai Mohammed when he was chief of staff to my leader, Asiwaju. It is the same story, so nothing new.

You were accused of importing contractors from Lagos to do what local contractors can do. Why did you do this?

This is rubbish. It is not even worth responding to because every­one knows the local content policy of our administration. I would rather my roads are constructed by contractors that I can hold their feet to fire and I can get sound warranty from them. We have had governors in this state who constructed roads that barely lasted six months because they just poured…so I believe that every naira that belongs to Ekiti should be utilized well for the Ekiti people. People can go and see the roads I have constructed and compare them to roads that have been constructed in the past. They should look at the drainages and yet some of the roads were constructed by Ekiti indi­genes, the street lights were done by Ekiti indigenes, the evidence is there for all to see. So I am not going to apologize for using those who would make our money last. We dont have limitless resources in Ekiti, so whatever we are spending money on, must be worth our while and it must be quality products that would be used rather than just the typical “shagbe loju yoyo” work. It’s something you would hear from those who are not really serious. What I would not accept is to give a job to a politician or local person who would not deliver and then he feels like what is wrong with that, that’s my own share of the cake. I am sorry there is no share of any cake in my government. This is the commonwealth of the Ekiti people, if you don’t do it, go and face maximum consequence. Yes, I have offended a lot of local contractors for that but again I do not have apologies for that

Why did you create LCDAs when you have only few more days in office?

Again, that is a distortion. The process leading to the creation of the LCDAs has been on for one year. I set up a committee that took memoranda from various communities and I also invited them to come and defend their memoranda. This is a process and we are just getting to the end of the process. And what do you mean by few more days in office? I still have three months left in government. So there is nothing that says we should not do something that our people are very desirous of and that is why I am creating the LCDAs.

INEC, the Police and the Federal Government are all contemplating adopting the ‘Ekiti Arrange­ment’ as a template for elections in other states. Do you share this sentiment?

Well, I do not know what they mean by ‘Ekiti arrangement’. What is the ‘Ekiti arrangement’? Is it the harassment? Is it the siege? Or the intimidation? Oh yes, they don’t even have to contemplate, that is what they want to do.  Their arrangement is in top gear for Osun too. That ‘arrangement’ allows them to impose their will on the people. I think the country is in for a long and tortuous journey because once the will of the people is discounted and you do it in a seemingly ap­propriate manner, then it becomes a fait accompli that would halt this democracy and I think that is what we all must be careful about. The abracadabra in Ekiti is not a template that can endure. It is a template that they would love to use but it is a template that would drive the country into perdition because people would wake up to the reality sooner rather than later that a government that has not demonstrated any capacity to make a difference in the lives of the people, a govern­ment that has desecrated everything that is decent about Nigeria yet wants to keep itself in office by hook or by crook can only be asking people to resort to other means to rescue the country.

What lessons can be learnt from the Ekiti elec­tion by you as a victim, APC as a party, Ekiti peo­ple, governors of other states and politicians gen­erally?

The jury is still out on that

Will this defeat not have negative impact on other elected officers of APC in Ekiti in the 2015 election? By this, I mean the Senate, House of Representatives, state house of assembly and the local government.

Well you know the reality of that is going to be defined by the ex­tent to which we are able to arrest what happened and all I can say to you there without going into too much detail is that the Ekiti story is not over. There are many people saying it is over but it is not. I don’t want to talk about what would happen to elected officials in 2015.

What next after office? Where do you go from here?

I am a politician, I have to continue to tend my sheep and Ekiti remains my theatre of operation. First, I am still the governor of Ekiti State and I have a lot of work to do to complete the agenda that I set for myself and that I set for Ekiti people. So that is what next. And I would always remain in the service of my people, my country and humanity at large.

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Meek Mill has finally broken his silence and released a diss track aimed at Drake. Meek's "Wanna Know" was premiered on Hot 97 last night.'Wanna Know' features production from Jahlil Beats who flipped the entrance music from wrestler 'The Undertaker' for the backdrop. The song also includes a snippet of one of Quentin Miller's reference tracks for Drake and Meek adlibs, "Milli Vanilli ass nigga!" Elsewhere in "Wanna Know" the Philly rapper...

Explosion Kills Many In Maiduguri Bus Station

A bomb explosion has rocked a crowded motor park in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, residents and security operatives have said. The incident occurred at a busy location where tricycles pick passengers, and may have killed dozens and injured even many more.  The thunderous blast, which sounded at about 6:30am, resonated all over Maiduguri, residents say. Witnesses later said the explosion occurred near the entrance of Gamboru Market where operatives of commercial tricycles park to...

#AkwaIbom : Akpabio rattled as INEC testifies in court……INEC tenders ex Governor’s Akwa Ibom North East nomination form

...I'm taken by surprise, Akpabio cries out ... PDP will choose new Senate  minority leader soon - APC Shock and surprise were visibly written on the faces of counsels to former Akwa Ibom State Governor , Chief Godswill Akpabio as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Thursday appeared before the Hon Justice Goddy Anunihu led Akwa Ibom State National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal at the Customary Court, Dutsen Alhaji ,Abuja.

Defence spokesman Olukolade retires, Abubakar takes over

The Director, Defence Information, Maj. Gen Chris Olukolade, is set to retire from the Nigerian Army, having reached his retirement age. Olukolade is to hand over to Col. Rabe Abubakar next week as the Chief of Army Staff, Maj. Gen. Tukur Buratai, on Wednesday, approved the...

PDP officials blew N12bn in nine months –Workers … say NWC members shared money made from nomination forms

Angry workers of the Peoples Democratic Party have accused the members of the National Working Committee of the party of squandering N12bn in nine months. Out of the total sum, the workers said N11bn was realised from the sale of nomination forms while N1bn was got from the sale of delegates forms.

I was once a danfo driver -Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has appealed to members of the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria against allowing themselves to be used by kidnappers to perpetrate evil. Speaking on Thursday during the swearing-in of the new State Executive of the union in Ado Ekiti, the governor, who said he was once a ‘danfo...

I’m not expecting a ministerial appointment from Buhari —Tunde Bakare

The General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said that he is not expecting a ministerial appointment from President Muhammadu Buhari. Bakare, who was the running mate of Buhari on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change in the 2011 presidential election, also defended the President’s style of governance,...

I had plans to impeach Ekweremadu -Ndume

The Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, on Thursday, caused a stir in the upper chamber when he revealed how he collected signatures of other senators to impeach the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, in the 7th Senate. Ndume stated this while raising a point of order to draw the attention of the Senate to an...

Doctor, Nurse Land In Court After Aborting 6 Months Old Pregnancy Of 31-Year Old Lady

According to Tribuneonline, a man who claimed to be a medical doctor, Taiwo Ogunlana and a nurse, Kafayat Oyekola, have been arraigned before an Ebute Metta Magistrates' Court, Lagos State, for carrying out an illegal abortion on one Miss Kemi Awoniyi. Ogunlana, who claimed to have attended Lagos State University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing between 1979 and 1983, worked with the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos. He was also said to have been...

I Am Praying For Buhari That God Will Protect Him – Rev Fr Mbaka

Founder of the Enugu Adoration Ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, while preaching at a special mass organized to celebrate his 20th anniversary in priesthood yesterday July 29th, offered prayers to God for President Buhari, asking God to protect him from enemies. He also offered prayers to God for the Enugu state governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi that God will not allow occultic men steal his vision "I am praying for Buhari, that God will protect him so that enemies...

Priest Announces On Pulpit That He Is Gay, Divorcing Wife And Marrying A Man

An Episcopal congregation in Queens was in for a big surprise recently when their priest Rev. Juan Andres Quevedo-Bosch, 59, came on pulpit to give Sunday sermon and announced that he is gay. The shocked congregation was further informed that he is divorcing his wife and marrying a younger man. Rev. Juan Andres Quevedo-Bosch, is the archdeacon of Queens and rector of the Church of the Redeemer in Astoria, On a Facebook post this week, the...

Two Zimbabweans Appear In Court For Helping American Dentist Kill Cecil The Lion

Two Zimbabweans accused of helping an American dentist hunt Cecil the lion have appeared in court amid growing anger over the protected animal's slaughter. Professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst (right) and local landowner Honest Ndlovu (left) allegedly assisted Dr. Walter Palmer, who has since received death threats, catch and kill the lion. Dr Palmer claims he had trusted his local guides to meet legal guidelines on his trip to Africa, during which he shot Cecil with a...

DPR Collected N30 Billion Illegally – Gov. Oshiomole

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole who has been in the news in recent times over his allegations on the misappropriation of funds in the last administration, says he will not be silent when people are abusing power and stealing government funds. Oshiomole, who was a guest at a seminar organized by the Post-Mortem sub-committee of the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) yesterday July 29th , alleged that the Department of Petroleum Resources collected N30 billion illegally during the...

ISIS Release Photos Claiming Some African Christians In Libya Converted To Islam & Joined Sect

These are supposedly African Christians in Tripoli, Libya, who converted to Islam and joined ISIS in Libya. ISIS released the photos on social media. The men don't look like they willingly joined ISIS though. Looks like they told them "join ISIS or die!". More photos below...

Controversial South African Pastor Prays Gay Spirit Into Man

Remember the pastor who made his members swallow snakes and eat cloth during one of his deliverance services? Well he is in the news again. Last Sunday while preaching in his church, he prayed the gay spirit into the young man pictured above. See more photos below...

#AllsocksPantyHose: 20 Things You Should Know About Panty Hose – @Allsocks_

  Pantyhose is often called tights in the United Kingdom, some other countries call it sheer hosiery.   They are close-fitting leg wear, which cover the wearer's body from the waist to the feet.   Panty hose is considered to be a woman's/ girl's garment, it appeared in the 1960s as a convenient alternative to stockings.   Panty hose has remained an alternative to stockings and control panties. They are also gradually replacing girdles.   Pantyhose are usually made of nylon, or fabrics blended...

Governor El-Rufai Cuts Overhead by 60%, Cancels State Sponsorship of Pilgrims

Gov. Nasiru El-Rufa'i of Kaduna State, says his administration has cut down overhead costs by 60 per cent as part of measures to rescue the state from its precarious financial situation. El-Rufa'i, in a broadcast to the people of the state on Wednesday night, said that the state was broke and had a debt burden of more than N74.297 billion, comprising N28.840 billion domestic and N45.44 billion foreign debts. He said that the administration had...

PDP Broke? We Warned Earlier On That Being In Opposition Is Not A Walk In The Park – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has denied the allegation by the PDP that the Director-General of the Department of State Services, DSS, Mr. Lawal Daura, is a card-carrying member of the party (APC), calling the accusation absurd and frivolous. In a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party challenged the PDP to publish any evidence it may have...

Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Kanye, Oprah And Caitlyn

Some of us are still trying to put on liquid eye liner without looking like an octopus shot ink into our eyes. But for Magali Beauvue, a female makeup artist based in France, no makeup challenge is too great. The beauty guru's Instagram page is a who's who of A-list celebrities: Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Caitlyn Jenner... Amazingly, these aren't Beauvue's clients. They're Beauvue herself, dolled up to look like just about every star you...

Khloe Kardashian Looks Slimmer Than Ever! Where Are The Curves?

She is known for the enviable curves inherited by the rest of the voluptuous Kardashian clan. But reality star Khloé looked slimmer than ever in a figure-hugging black ensemble as she posed for an Instagram snap for Popsugar on Wednesday. Showing off her slender legs and nipped-in waist, the 31-year-old looked a shadow of her former self, no doubt the result of her recently increased workouts. The fashionista, who is currently promoting her new children's wear...

Eva Longoria Demands Newspaper ‘Apologise’ For Claiming She ‘Pretended’ To Need Glasses For Specsavers Campaign

She arrived Down Under in a blaze of Specsavers glory, fronting the optical retail chain's campaign for the smartest glasses wearer. But despite Eva Longoria wearing glasses as the style ambassador and judge for the 2015 Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year hunt, a Sydney newspaper accused her of 'pretending' to need spectacles to market herself and the brand. The Desperate Housewives' star, 40, told Thursday's Kyle and Jackie O show of the Sydney Morning Herald claims: '...

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Funeral To Take Place On Saturday

Bobbi Kristina Brown will be remembered by her friends and family during a funeral service in Atlanta on Saturday morning. The private service will take place at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta at 11am, with family members including her father Bobby Brown, aunt Pat Houston and grandmother Cissy Houston gathering to pay their respects. Soon after her body will be flown to New Jersey, where she will be buried alongside her late mother Whitney Houston at Fairview Cemetery...

Miley Cyrus To Host VMAs, Gives Middle Finger In Her First Promo

Miley Cyrus is hosting MTV's Video Music Awards this year and we can't help but be excited and nervous about what is going to transpire on that stage! Judging from the 22-year-old's first video promo that she shared via Instagram, we expect Aug. 30 to be a night of controversy. Watch promo below: https://instagram.com/p/5sbypAwzPA/?taken-by=mileycyrus Credit: intouchweekly  

Oil Marketers Back President Buhari On Sector Probe, Split Of NNPC

The Zonal Chairman, Independent Petroleum Marketers’ Association of Nigeria, Western Zone, Alhaji Debo Ahmed, has expressed its support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s probe of the activities in the oil and gas sector. He hailed the administration’s plan to split the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, saying it would address the recurrent scarcity in the oil and gas sector. Ahmed told newsmen in Ilorin, Kwara State that it was high time the sector was overhauled to...

Individual Efforts By Everyone Of Us Won’t End Terrorism – President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said efforts being made by individual countries are not capable of tackling terrorism. He said Nigeria and neighbouring countries must come together and join forces if the dream of defeating Boko Haram terrorists in the sub-region must come to pass. Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, in a statement on Thursday quoted Buhari as speaking at a state dinner held in his honour at...

Tompolo Hails Buhari, Calls Him A Listening Leader

Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, frontline ex-Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, MEND leaders, the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Niger Delta ex-militants and other stakeholders in the Niger Delta, yesterday, hailed President Muhammudu Buhari over the appointment of Brigadier Gen Paul Boroh (rtd) as the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. Niger Delta ex-militants, who congratulated the newly appointed chairman of the Niger Delta Amnesty programme, said that Buhari had made a wise and deserved...

PDP Announces Reduction Of Staff Strength, Salaries And Allowances

Barely two months into its new status as the opposition political party, having governed the country for sixteen years, the Peoples Democratic Party, has started struggling with the challenge of being an opposition, as it yesterday announced that the party will reduce allowances, staff strength by 50%. The party has also said it would reduce the salaries and allowances of its staff by 50%, even...

Kylie Jenner Had Lip Fillers & Khloe Supports It

Khloe Kardashian is throwing a whole heap of shade on anyone who has been dishing out criticism to her younger sister, Kylie Jenner recently. In an interview with Complex magazine, Khloe slams people’s criticism of Kylie well-publicized lip fillers. “Sometimes things bother her. When it comes to her lips, I knew it was one of her biggest insecurities. She used to always take pictures covering her...

Iyanya Bears It All On His Romance With Yvonne Nelson (Watch Video)

Iyanya was asked in an interview with MTV Base VJ Ehiz ‘Real Talk’ about Yvonne Nelson and their public breakup. Here is what he had to say! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PbKplHXlyY Source: MTV Base

Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out Against The Legalisation Of Marijuana

Sharon Osbourne may come across as a laid-back liberal mother, but there is at lease one issue on which she remains staunchly conservative. The former X Factor judge – whose husband Ozzy Osbourne and children Kelly and Jack have all battled drug addiction – has spoken out against plans to legalise marijuana, warning “it is going to end in tears”. Sharon, 62, told American CBS TV: “I have big resentments that this is happening. Anything...

Kris Jenner & Ex Husband, Now Caitlyn Jenner, Finally Meets In Person

The highly anticipated meeting between Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner has finally happened. A source confirms that the two exes met at Caitlyn's Malibu house yesterday for their first face-to-face get together, undoubtedly an emotional moment for both. Kris, who openly struggled with the news of Caitlyn's transition on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is the last of the family members to meet Caitlyn. And although she stayed mum about Jenner's debut in the...

Soldiers In Aba Kill Kidnapper, Arrest 2 Members Of His Gang, Including A Lady

Soldiers of the 144 Battalion of the Nigerian Army, stationed at Asa in Ukwa West local government area of Abia State have shot dead a kidnapper, arrested two members of his gang, including a lady, and rescued a female victim. Vanguard gathered that an Aba-based business woman, Mrs. Rita Anaekwe, was last Sunday night abducted at her residence on Anaekwe Street, Umuleta village, Obinkwu in Ukwa West local government area. Family sources said the hoodlums gained entry into...

419 Girls Scam ISIS on Social Media For Travel Money

If you’re low on funds for that big vacation, you could always ask to borrow money, make a Kickstarter campaign… or swindle a couple of Islamic State recruiters. It may not be the safest way to make money, but that’s what three girls from Chechnya, a Russian republic in southeastern Europe, did. The Chechen girls are under investigation for fraud after they allegedly scammed ISIS members into giving them money on the pretense that...

Director General Of The DSS, Lawal Daura Is An APC Member – PDP

Press statement from the PDP... The National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at its meeting today thoroughly considered a number of very important issues pertaining to the state of affairs in our nation. The NWC brings to the attention of President Muhammadu Buhari to some disturbing development in the polity which, if not nipped in the bud, might significantly affect our democracy and stability as a nation negatively, and that is the growing...

ISIS Plans To End The World By Provoking The US To War

According to a recruitment document understood to be written by ISIS militants,the terrorist group plans for an all-out war to bring about 'the end of the world'. Follow the jump for the full story and discovered document: The Urdu document seen by USA Today, passed to the American Media Institute by a Pakistani citizen connected to the Taliban, reveals the scale of the ambition of ISIS, including targeting India to provoke...

Oil Worth $13.7bn Stolen Under NNPC, Says NEITI

The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Hajiya Zainab Shamsuna-Ahmed, on Wednesday said between 2009 and 2012, about 160 million barrels of oil valued at $13.7bn was stolen under the watch of the national oil giant, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. She also said that subsidy payment from 2005 to 2012 indicated that $11.63bn had been paid to the NNPC but that “there is no evidence of the money being remitted to the federation...

Oil worth $13.7bn stolen under NNPC, says NEITI

The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Hajiya Zainab Shamsuna-Ahmed, on Wednesday said between 2009 and 2012, about 160 million barrels of oil valued at $13.7bn was stolen under the watch of the national oil giant, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. She also said that subsidy payment from 2005 to 2012 indicated...

Port Harcourt And Warri Refineries Commence Preliminary Operations

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has announced that the Port Harcourt and Warri refineries have been successfully re-streamed after a nine-month rehabilitation exercise conducted by its in-house engineers and technicians. The corporation, in a statement, noted that both plants commenced preliminary production of petroleum products after successful test-runs, adding that while PHRC was ramping up its operation to about 60 per cent of its 210,000 barrels per day capacity, WRPC production was projected to hit 80 per cent...

FG Overrules JAMB On New Admission Policy

The Federal Government has overruled the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board on its new admission policy that recently sparked off protests in parts of the country. The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Mr. MacJohn Nwaobiala, disclosed this to State House correspondents on Tuesday, after briefing President Muhammadu Buhari of his ministry’s activities and challenges at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. JAMB had, at its 2015 Combined Policy Meeting, adopted a policy whereby candidates of universities with...

Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 Plane Wreckage Found Off The Coast Of Africa?

Almost a year since the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flight vanished mid-air during flight to China, wreckage found of the coast of Africa Officials revealed might be that of the missing plane. The debris, discovered near to the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, is that of a Boeing 777, investigators confirmed. The Malaysia Airlines jet - also a Boeing 777 - is thought to have come down in the same ocean on March 8 last year. Officials at...

Police Arrest Fed Poly Oko Graduate For Beheading Friend in A’Ibom

The Akwa Ibom State Police Command on Wednesday arrested a 32-year-old graduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, Mr. Stephen Onona, in connection with the death of his close friend and employee, Mr. Daniel Solomon. Onona is from Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State while Solomon was from Uruan LGA of Akwa Ibom State. Onona was said to be an employee of Africana First Publisher, Uyo, where he worked for four years. The Commissioner of Police, Akwa Ibom...

Buhari commends Father Mbaka’s courage and patriotism in run-up to 2015 elections

President Muhammadu Buhari has commended fiery Catholic priest, Revd Father Ejike Mbaka, for his patriotism in the run-up to the 2015 general elections, saying his courage has earned him a mark in the sands of time. In a statement Thursday to congratulate the leader of the Adoration Ministries Enugu, Nigeria, on the occasion of his 20th priestly ordination, the President said history would favour Mr. Mbaka for courageously speaking truth to power, even at great risks. In the statement signed by...

Nigeria has taken ICJ’s ruling on Bakassi in good faith -Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday in Yaunde, Republic of Cameroon said to Nigerians to accept the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the oil-rich Bakassi penisular to Cameroon in good faith. “Since Nigeria allowed the case to go to court and we lost, we have to abide by it” he said

Massive shake up in Nigerian Army , as Buratai appoints new GOC

There is massive shake up in the hierarchy of the Nigerian Army as the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Tukur Buratai appointed new General Officers Commanding the Divisions of the Nigerian Army as well as new Principal Staff Officers to run the affairs of Army headquarters. Also appointed were...

Air force intercepts Boko Haram’s fuel supply

The fuel supply route of the Boko Haram militants has been intercepted, and their new fuel supply seized by the fighter pilots of the Nigerian Air Force. The Director, Air Force Information, Air Commodore Dele Alonge, said in a statement on Wednesday, July 29,  that the Air Force seized 4,000 drums and jerry cans of...

FG goes after ‘super rich’ civil servants over corruption

Federal Government’s anti-corruption operatives have been sent after ‘super rich’ public officers who have multiple properties and other assets suspected to have been the rewards of graft. The searchlight of the anti-corruption agents is on civil servants that possess many properties in the Federal Capital Territory.

Photo Of The Day – D’banj

D'banj looks smart in his suit, designed by Okunorenhe.  He Wore a black suit, paired with neck chain, a wrist watch and shoes to blend the look. He wrote on his Instagram #SALUTE = Dress code + Work mode - Boss Mood #theKingIsHere #TheKingIsHere ...feels good to be Bag in Lasgidi. Week 3 get ready..   Lagos are you ready for the...

El-Rufai Nominates 13 Commissioners

The governor of Kaduna State, mallam Nasir El-Rufai, has nominated 13 persons as members of the state executive council. In a letter to Aminu Shagali, Speaker of the Kaduna State...

#AkwaIbom: Okori VS Akpabio: No election took place, Okori’s witnesses tells tribunal

...insist Akpabio not PDP candidate ...ex Governor's camp in disarray, Paul Usoro, Nwoko missing in court The trial in the legal battle between Chief Inibehe Okori of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Chief Godswill Akpabio of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) commenced on Wednesday at the Customary Court, Dutsen Alhaji, Abuja. Three witnesses testified on Wednesday against the former Governor. At the...

Governor El-Rufai nominates 13 Commissioners

Malam Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has nominated 13 persons as members of the state executive council. In a letter to Hon. Aminu Shagali, Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, El-Rufai requested the legislators to consider and approve his nominees. The governor also attached the indicative portfolios of the nominees in the interest of a transparent screening process. The nominees are: NamePortfolio 1 Professor...

Beyonce Finally Pregnant After Months Of IVF Treatments

Beyoncé, 33, and her hubby Jay Z‘s, 45, are more than ready to expand their family it seems. A new report claims that the famous duo turned to IVF to get pregnant for a second time. It’s been three years since they welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy, 3, so the timing couldn’t be better. Speculation that Beyoncé is pregnant is back with full force! A new report claims that the singer is with child thanks to multiple rounds of IVF treatments. “Even though...

‘They Call Him Timaya; “Getting Down” Higher’ By Charles Novia

Charles Novie who is known for his controversial articles is back.  Read below; Dancehall cum Afropop star act, Timaya, has been trending for a few days for the wrong reasons, perhaps. A lady in Atlanta, America took to social media to accuse him of rape. Initially when I read the news on a blog, I thought it was one of some crazy publicity stunts some Nigerian artistes pull up and didn’t give it a...

Only Palace Chiefs Can Announce Monarch’s Death, IDB Debunks Oba’s Death Reports

The President of Ife Development Board (IDB), Prof. Muib Opeloye, on Wednesday debunked reports of the death of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade. Mr. Opeloye, who addressed a crowd that had besieged the Ooni’s palace to confirm the veracity of the reports, said: “Although Baba is advanced in age, he is still hale and hearty in London. “lf anything of such happened, there is no need spreading the news and moreover, if it...

Yar’Adua Cancelled Sale Of Refineries, Refunded Dangote’s $750M – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has explained that the sale of two of the nation’s oil oil refineries had been concluded before he exited office in 2007, saying his successor, the late Umaru Yar’Adua, reversed the sale due to “pressure”. Obasanjo said this in his serialised interview with ‘Book Club’, a programme on Channels Television, monitored in Lagos on Wednesday. The ex-President said business mogul, Aliko Dangote, leading a consortium of investors, had paid $750m for...

Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend, Nick Gordon, To Be Charged With Manslaughter

Nick Gordon, who was the boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina, is now in serious trouble as prosecutors want to charge him with involuntary manslaughter, and are trying to use one of Nick's friends to turn him in law enforcement sources told TMZ. TMZ's sources say authorities believe Nick's alleged crime is arranging to get drugs for Bobbi Kristina the day she almost drowned in her bathtub. Nick already confessed to the fact that both he and Bobbi...

Tyler Perry Speechless After Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death

The news of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tragic death is absolutely devastating, and those close to the daughter of Whitney Houston are absolutely reeling with sadness. That includes Tyler Perry, who was an extremely close friend of Whitney and Bobbi for many years, and the actor released an tear-inducing...

UNIBEN Bans Students From Wearing Earpieces, Headsets Following Death Of Student

Following the death of the UNIBEN student, Rita, the school has banned students from wearing headsets and earpieces outside of their rooms. Information coming out of the school says this is a security measure to ensure that students are alert at all times. This was posted yesterday at Tinubu Hall in the school.

#BelieveItOrNot !! Hotel Where Perverts Pay to Have Sex With Animals Busted By Police

Three men have been jailed after being convicted of running an animal brothel in Swansea, Wales. The hotel specializes in getting animals and grooming them to become good in having sex with humans. Their animal catalog includes domesticated female white lions, mountain nanny goats, Irish pigs, Himalayan gentle donkeys and other species of animals. Some animals that are not dangerous like female sheep's and some breeds of dogs are also trained to give oral sex and receive full...

Kim And Khloe Come For Caitlyn Jenner?

Kim Kardashian has a tense conversation with Caitlyn Jenner in an extended preview of I Am Cait, accusing her of “bashing” her family while speaking publicly about her transition to living as a woman. Viewers will be able learn a lot more about how Kim and the Kardashian-Jenner clan are coping with Caitlyn’s new reality as the docu-series continues. “Khloe is upset,” Caitlyn admits in the episode. “She didn’t like the Vanity Fair article.”

Sight And Scenes From DA Music Room’s Denim Party As Premiere Show Records Huge Success In Abuja #AboutLastWeekend

The city of Abuja were not sure what to expect from a Christian party especially since its being hosted at one of Abuja most conspicuous club and lounge. Regardless of the mixed reaction the attendees were perplexed with the variety of entertainment and fun experience they got.     Da Music Room had earlier invited young, trendy, music and party people...

U.S. Indicts Borno Govt. Over Use Of Child Soldiers

Despite efforts by Nigeria’s central government to combat human trafficking and servitude, the Borno State government in the country’s north east, plagued by Boko Haram insurgency, actively supported the recruitment of child soldiers in the last one year, the United States government has said in its latest report on human trafficking. The report, released Monday, praised the Nigerian government for its efforts at fighting trafficking and ranked Nigeria in its Tier two category – the same...

President Buhari Arrives Cameroon For Talks On Boko Haram

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari arrived in neighbouring Cameroon on Wednesday for talks on how to combat the escalating regional threat from Boko Haram Islamists. Security was tight for the 24-hour visit, after a surge of Boko Haram violence in Cameroon including an unprecedented series of five suicide bombings in the far north. Presidential guard soldiers were posted on rooftops of houses and along the route from the airport to the presidential palace in Yaounde, while vehicles armed...

Ijaw youths task FG on economic plan for Niger Delta

The Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide have tasked President Muhammadu Buhari on economic plan for the people of the Niger Delta. The youths said they are not against the president’s moves to curb oil-related theft in the region, but advised president Buhari to do the needful before deploying soldiers in the region.

Saraki Shocks Nigerians, Names Four Senate Committees

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki has shocked Nigerians, by naming four Committees at Wednesday plenary. The committees include: 1. Selection Committee to be headed by the Senate President. 2. Rules and Business Committee with Senator Babatunde Omoworare representing Oshodi East Senatorial District as Chairman 3. Ethics and Privileges Committee with Senator Samuel Anyanwu representing Imo East Senatorial District as Chairman 4. Ad-Committee on Publicity is to be headed by Senator Dino Melaye from Kogi West Senatorial District. Read More: 

Obama warns world leaders to change attitude towards Africa

U.S. President Barack Obama in his visit to Ethiopia on Tuesday urged world leaders to change their attitude toward Africa. In a historic speech at the AU, Obama spoke strongly against corruption, bad leadership and economic exploitation of Africa by foreign powers, without naming any countries. He, however, sent a strong message to African leaders against extending term limits to cling to power indefinitely. He said “Africa’s progress is at risk when leaders refuse to step aside when their terms end. “No person...

Drake Comes For Meek Mill On Diss Track

Round 2. Just four days after dropping his diss track “Charged Up,” Drake takes aim at Meek Mill once more on his “Back to Back” freestyle. On the three-minute track, the 6 God addresses the ghostwriting controversy head on, rapping, “This for ya’ll that think that I don’t write enough / They just mad ’cause I got the Midas touch.” Drizzy goes on to bash Meek, who is currently opening for Nicki Minaj on her “Pinkprint Tour.” “You love...

New Terrorist Group In Kaduna, Police Arraigns 120 Suspected Members

Kaduna State Police Command yesterday arraigned 120 suspected members of a new terrorists group known as Sara- Suka before a Kaduna court. The suspects who were taken to court in large number, were later assigned to various magistrate courts by the Chief Magistrate court One, Awaulu Musa Aliyu, for the continuation of the case. However the suspects were taken back to police custody. It would be recalled that, Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, had...

Incredible! Man Cuts Off Wife’s Hand Over Adultery Allegations

Man, identified as Jacob Nwachukwu from Abala in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State, has cut off his wife’s left hand over allegation of infidelity. The man’s wife, Mrs Nwadiokeonu Nwachukwu, is now at a hospital in Aba, while her severed hand had been taken to her husband’s village at Abala for burial. The incident happened, Monday, at Ogbor Hill Area of Aba, where the woman had lived for years, while the husband lived at...

Nicki Gets Intimate With Meek Mill In Sexy Video

All eyes are on Meek Mill and Drake’s beef. But the Dreamchasers rapper turns the spotlight on his relationship with Nicki Minaj in the video for “All Eyes On You,” the first single off his chart-topping album Dreams Worth More Than Money. In the Benny Boom-directed clip, Meek and his boo show why they’re hip-hop’s hottest new couple, putting their love on display for the world to see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut9ThAbfde0 Credit: MeekMillTV