Iconic African Star, Simphiwe Dana @SimphiweDana Releases Poignant Single, NZIMA [WATCH]

Iconic South African artist Simphiwe Dana, has released her first single, ‘NZIMA’ off the highly anticipated – and as yet untitled forthcoming album – through Sony Music Entertainment Africa.   Although inspired by the Marikana tragedy – ‘NZIMA’ –  which is being released as a single to broadcast stations today – the song is drawn from centuries of pain and violence, and is essentially a prayer for a people that have had a history of violence inflicted upon them” says Simphiwe Dana.   “’A prayer for Marikana. The wretched of the earth will one day rise and offer their lives as a covenant written in blood. For their children to see the sun again.”   Reflecting on the poignancy of ‘NZIMA’ ahead of Freedom Day, Simphiwe Dana emphasises the importance of being reminded – “… reminded of what the past 20 years have been about and to point out whether we are meeting or failing Madiba’s vision – a reminder of the cost of freedom, and for ongoing freedom to be translated to a better life for all”.   Watch video here 

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