I Want A New Beginning In Delta State – Alexis Egerega

Good day my honourable Governor, My name is Alexis Egerega,  I am a 16 year old girl and currently a student in Canada. I recently wrote a letter to you, but since I have no connections with you I wasn’t so sure of getting a positive response. Politics should not be my business and my parents are not politicians but I want to make a change in Nigeria starting from my state.

I write this to you and hopefully I pray you read it.Please sir for 16 years of my life I have not been happy with the state of delta state.

Sir I know you are doing your able best I am about to go college , but any time I come back home I want to be able to call Delta state my home and not be ashamed. Sorry to say but Warri in delta state is very lawless. The indigenes residing in Warri need laid down laws and punishments. Sir I think the mall is not our priority yet, we need to take charge of the state and do something, sir this are some of the things that I have noticed :

  1. A lot of citizens drive against the traffic,sometimes I get confused what lane am in when my parents are driving. Sir this is one of the reasons I am scared to drive. The accident risk is very high.

  1. Sir thank you for removing those caravans, but many people are building those shacks back.

  1. Sir a lot of people put there wastes on the kerbs and in the middle of the road. This makes Warri to have a dirty appearance.

  1. Sir thank you for the extra bridge you are building but we need street lights, this will therefore reduce the unnecessary traffic.

  1. Sir there is a huge scale of difference when we have the amenities and when we can’t maintain them. Alot of things will last better if there is good maintenace.

  1. Sir people should be fined for parking their cars in a no -parking zone especially the main roads. Sir I have too much to say but if you do this in your final tenure you will be blessed.

Sir, all we need are rules and regulations set down for our people. I am in deep concern for Delta State and I want us to be the best.

P.S. Sir the road next to praise center is appauling. My dad pays his tax.  Please sir I hope you read this, or whoever is in charge of this page should allow him to read this, please.

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