Civil Service Turns to Civil Slavery in Bauchi – Sabiu Zaranda

The dilemma of Bauchi civil servant started at the eve of royal
ceremonial wedding of the son of His excellency, the executive governor
of Bauchi, Mallam Isa Yuguda whom was said to be nurturing the ambition
to contest for House of representative while his father is vying for
Senate in the forth coming election.

Life was not easy for Bauchi civil servant but after removing
Bauchi formula from their salary and making some increment by the
present administration, the life of civil servant in the state was
some how elevated to a minimal level where workers were seen to be
little bit lively comparedto their previous lifestyle. But
their enjoyment was cut short by reducing 10% from their salary the
percentage which many believed was used to augment the wedding of his
excellency’s son even though the revelation made by Bauchi state
whistle blower Comrade Abbas Faggo for Yuguda’s swindles did not
precisely mention that rather it just exposed the government level of
corruption and luxury put in place for Idris Yuguda’s wedding.

The predicament of civil servant in Bauchi continued with
terminating the appointment of all teachers that have national
teachers institute certificate (NTI) for their refusal to show up in a
dubious screening exercise which was set intentionally to witch hurt
them after such kind of screening was done not long ago. As a result
of that many of the victim died instantly as a result of heart
failure, others passed away in a struggle to get their selves
reinstated while numerous are currently suffering from partial or
complete paralysis.

Workers from other sectors thought that the humiliation will stop
only on teachers non knowing that theirs is also around the corner.
For them it was unnecessary and unexplained deduction of salary which
bring down business and other activities across the state to it knee
because the state solemnly depend on salary. The saddest part of it
was inability of the state government to pay workers their annual
leave grant which they considered as their yearly budget. Because it
was from it that they pay house rent, school fees, buy foodstuff and
prepared for festive period like Sallah or Christmas depending on
ones faith. Now you can imagine the number civil servant that are
having problems with their landlord? How many of them are having their
children at home since they can’t longer pay school fees? How many are
hustling and bustling for what to eat? How many spend Easter koboless
and numerous that are currently facing Holy month of Ramadan with zero

As things goes on now the payment of salary in Bauchi state
become just like NEPA (PHCN) that can’t guaranteewhen
light will be available, whether it will be low or full, even with that, presently on
ground a month salary is still hanging. As result of that a
statement was credited to be from Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano
state were he threatened his workers that “if they continue with their
ungratefulness toward his administration then he will redeployed them
to Bauchi state” where civil service turns to civil slavery but you
should be wise enough to know that there is nothing civil about

With all topsy turvy over teachers job termination, civil servant
salary reduction, non payment of yearly leave grant and eclipse of the
month in salary payment, nothing was reported to happen with the
appointment of political office holders nor reduction in their salary
not even to mention delay in payment. But one thing is certain as
Bauchi civil servant grin and bear the situation on ground the day of
reckoning will surely come and Yuguda will face the wrath of Bauchi

Sabiu Zaranda wrote from Bauchi
@Binzaranda on twitter.

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