#BRINGBACKOURGIRLS: Don’t Kill the Lights of Our Tomorrow – Oladimeji Oluwadamilare

I thought it was the end of my life

Those were the words of an escapee

Many are they that were taken

Few returned, more yet to be seen

They were snatched from our embrace

By black mercenaries, harbingers of darkness

Men with wanton desire for calamity

Cursed by the gods, yet claim to aid same

From the solace of our bosom they took our girls

Young angels, naive of sinister acts

Where they convey them, we know not

But we want our girls back


Our warm embraces are getting cold

Their tuwo plates are gathering dust

No ears to listen to the night time stories

No lips to echo the nightly lullabies

Don’t kill the lights of our tomorrow

Even as darkness consumes our today

The mothers stand watch guard through the night

Rivers flowing between their unhappy breasts

Fathers are bowed with grief and palpable sorrow

As anguish spread like winter breeze in the streets

Yet in all these our simple plea is

Bring back our girls



Let the avenger and avengers arise

Our bosoms cry for intervention divine

Hear our plea, take appropriate action

We are tired of propagandas without action

As a nation we shall rise

As one voice we shall be heard

No religion, no ethnicity

No tribalism, no division

This one plea of ours is…….



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