I Am Hope – Samuel Ufot Ekekere

Hope is my name, your last friend when everyone and everything has failed. I may not be a “Goliath” but my “little David” strength can offer help. I see through the future something you are blind to and when you feel overwhelmed by life’s storms, you can count on me. I may not be famous and renowned but I have taken people like you to heights they never assumed they would reach. Yeah, I am just a four-lettered word and no air of strength around me but I have won battles for many, though little acknowledged.

Men do not remember me when they have much, which is why I sometimes feel berserk and sad. However, for those who believe in my ability, I take them places. Go ask Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. These men have been close pals. I rode with them and they believed in me. They know I have audacity. I am the only reason people believe because I see only the positives in the future. When I whisper into your ears, they are often words of assurance, a guarantee that something great is coming.

I have fed billions who had not a dime, and when they say, “we are hoping” tears flow down my eyes. I have stood by the weakest men, and have made them gods, I have taught the dullest brains and have made them professors, I have given life to dying men and they lived, I have given jobs to the jobless and smiles to people’s sadness.

When I am around, I can attract love, happiness, joy, faith, long suffering and patience. I am the only reason these friends all hang around. Moreover, you know, these friends cannot stay too long especially when the storms of life do rage. They often only hang after I have done all the believing with you. I see what others do not see, you can call me a prophet.

I do not seek to exert myself; I just want you to know I am hanging around. I love to whisper often in your ears, it may not really be loud but I do always know you understand those silent words. When that wind blows and you hear the hush in-between, listen again, you will hear me speak saying, “do not lose hope.”

I am never afraid of the future because I culture it. I make it what it is. I arrange the lines and know which port your ship should port at the other side of the raging sea. “Have no fear,” that is what I have always told my friends. The future is always brighter than you think.

If you feel too lonely, wait, and check again, I am always standing by. I feel how you feel and want you to know hope can never be lost. If you have failed, hope can never be lost. If there is no food, hope can never be lost. If you are bedridden, hope is never lost. I always know how to find you in these dire situations.

I have mustered my “little” courage to let you know I am sticking my guns with you. One certain fact is I believe in you. I have always believed in you. Do not underestimate my tender words and me. They have travelled round the world. I am popular only it seems among the downtrodden but the great men you see had once trusted in me. I hate to think that I am off their books once they have achieved, but I have always found solace in the fact that the world heralds all those who have stood with me.

I carry light and when those wicked people, I mean failure, sadness, pain, shame, and anger hang around, they cannot always stand the kind of light I carry with me. I always overwhelm them. You may have them hanging around you now but you can trust that once you have me, “all is well.”

I know you are afraid of “big dreams.” You are scared you will be overly aiming for things you cannot reach. Well, that is where you can challenge me. I do not see impossibilities. I love the big, big challenge. I love the big life of a champion and love to see heroes made out of almost nothing. Go ask Ben Carson’s mom, she would tell you how much work I did to help her get through with Carson. If Bill Gates will be sincere, I breathed into his idea. Ask the Facebook genius Mark Zukenberg, I gave him the strength to run his idea even when he had no idea how great his idea would become. And our own “Jona”, It still beats his imagination.

What is that big dream? Bring it here, at my table, let us talk it over. I am hope.

Samuel Ufot Ekekere is just a friend trying to cause change his own little way.


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