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Dear Shekau, we are on our way to Sambisa Forest – By @Obajeun

Dear Abubakar Shekau,

I don’t know if you are a beast with human face, but I will, for the purpose of our conversation, refer to you as a living human, barring the fact that you have succeeded in turning all of us into living ghosts. We know you have the power to break, kill and rape. We only have the power to be your victims – we are at your mercy. For now, permit me to wipe my tears and come back to you.


By now, you must be back to Sambisa Forest from Abuja after you visited Nyanya to appraise the level of damage your boys did while on their way to hell. Congratulations on this evil feat, you are a Satanic HERO!!! Bravo!!!

There is a question that has suffered from Nigerians’ passion for debate, the question has been on for years and we don’t seem to be fatigued – whether you are working for God or the other way round. Either we like it or not, the message is that you are working for someone who sucks blood for a living and bath with motley blood of innocent civilians. Whoever that person is, he or she must be a beast. As both of us know, beast begets beast. Dear Shekau, you are a beast!

A hitching history, a haunting tale, and hazy dreams, all conspired to define nothing and yet, they defined us. Nothing is life; we are now nothing, a conspiracy theory of pains. Pains, feelings of anomy, of gruesome fear, of tears cascading in bitter drops and of a grin smile full of sorrow. Now there is evil in our thought, evils of the mind and of feelings. We are mourning, we are rolling in tears, we are sobbing, and we are gnashing our teeth, for everyone of us has witnessed to tears.

It might interest you to know dear Shekau, that we have a ruling class that has become a byword for a bizarre and berserk variant of kleptocracy. Unfortunately, the Nigerian state has proved itself to be incapable of arbitrating or mediating anything, except when it comes to the deployment of gratuitous and autistic violence against different constituting units and nationalities.

Like a childlike monstrosity, the Nigerian bandit leadership that you have succeeded in confusing, is frozen in conception as an instrument of Colonial Terror against captive nationals, utterly incapable of coming up with an organic structure that will satisfy the yearnings and aspirations of its captured natives courtesy of your evil trade.

Dear Shekau, we cannot rest because our sisters remain stashed away in your thick forest. We have swallowed a pestle, neither can we stand nor sit any longer. We cannot have a moment of comfort when our sisters might be languishing in a place far beyond our tears.

We have been coping with many betrayals and aborted hopes. Somehow, and like a stumped lover, we have always found the strength, the fierce energy to move on. But this time the omens of national regeneration are murky. You have tormented us for too long.

We have been told that you have separated our sisters – mature ones and immature ones. Fatimah, 20, she is the oldest. Can you please instruct your boys not to denature Fatimah? She nurtures a dream to build a future of economic justice and socio-political inclusion. The caveat here is that her dream is bigger than the manhood of your boys and her blood is bitter to suck. You will do yourself great justice if you can shield Fatimah from molestation. No worries, she will cook for you in tears and curse your boys while they randomly throw evil look at her until we come to fetch her.

Yes, we are on our way. Yes, the civilian army, we are on our way to fetch Fatimah and others. We are armed with our tears. We are armed with our resolve to confront the beast in you. We are armed with our conviction. We are armed with strange strategy that we will not reveal to you for security reasons. We are taking on the unsure future.

Since we are the ones you kill and rape, we have decided to face the evil giants, to take our battle to your door step, Sambisa Forest. Please open wide the path to your creek, you will host the people you hunt. We will invade you with our civilian innocence and shower you with our plea. Let your boys be prepared, there will be thousands to rape and there will be sea of bitter blood to drink by force!

Yes, the civilian army, we are coming!!!

It is me, @Obajeun

Jonah Ayodele Obajeun is a professional. He blogs catch him on twitter via @Obajeun

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