Wendell Simlin: Reno Omokri Blames Village Witches for Leaked Identity

This is not the news but anything to keep Wendell Simlin alive matters. I read this story and couldn’t help but share it. One of the best lines in the post was, “‘It was all the doing of the witches who have been working against me all along. They didn’t want me to succeed as a church pastor now they are against my budding writing career.” That’s this site’s attempt at adding a comic relief to what is an evil attempt by Pastor Reno Omokri to stoke ethnic and religious fire through the Wendell Simlin email. You can read more here. The is not responsible for the content of linked websites or blogs. Views expressed are solely the author’s

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  • It’s quite interesting what sadiq abacha has said. In my own view, i think we shouldn’t criticize excessively and it should be done constructively. Nevertheless both are speaking for the good of the nation.

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