THE PETROL CRAZED NIGHT – Somefun, Oluwasegun Ayokunle

The sorry state of Nigeria’s centenary is indeed nothing short of pity. While some known to social and print media as avowed enemies in a cold war could be seen shaking hands, receiving mundane award and celebrating the centenary. The Nigeria they plundered and failed to build great has its citizens busy queuing to buy fuel at crazy costs at filling stations. The truth that some among the Nigerian public have gone mad with no order is no joke. If justice is missing at the grassroots level, then expect a coded one at the helm of national affairs.

For an economy that depends on crude oil and produces same, it will be no understatement to say that a lay analysis of Nigeria’s condition has shown that we do not know where we are going or what we are doing.

Of a truth, Nigeria was not a mistake, but now it seems to be a mistake. Even the Holy Bible tells that God regretted to have created Man. To be succinct, Nigeria has gone crazy, so has our love and over dependence on crude oil, especially petrol.

Nigerians, followers and leaders alike have gone crazy that better solutions to her problems are shelved under a tattered, dusty and sandy carpet that is the makeup of the Nigerian ideology.

Enter this poem in tribute to Nigerians and their crazy love for petrol- The Petrol Craze Night


So the craze night is here again,

The mad chase for petrol in our ample containers.

There we are hurrying to meet up with the night sales,

Sales that speak to the failed state of our country.

If not for the need of energy,

Energy in form of electricity that is consuming.

There is a scarcity of fuel in town.

There is only one operating fuel station.

So, everybody is on the mad run,

See the attention hooting of vehicles in the petrol chase,

The grit smell of smoke painting the night air

As everyone hurries to meet up with the night sales.

There the pandemonium beats, as the people line in rows.

The cabals in control may be happy,

They may smile at their overflowing monies.

Oil Business is good business.

But all we want is Electricity, Electricity to live this night and maybe tomorrow.

But they may be content, their petrol sales is on the surplus.

Is there no petrol there? A man calls.

A young boy crosses the danger-smiling road,

Thumbs up to his friend, amused at the fuel and queue.

The heat and weather takes its toll.

This night brings out our true colour,

Nigerians are without order.

Yet the night plays a seamless oboe tune.

Sorry for the craze for fuel, you will have to wait.

But, pity the exploited people, pity the gullible people

For Petrol is gold on this hot night.

Still, our waiting has turned cold. Who will hear our voiceless voice?

You are welcome to join this petrol craze night.


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