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Gold is worth a bunch. Is it not? Let’s forget about Diamonds and Emeralds and which ever really expensive piece of rock that comes to mind. Gold is still there, regardless. But, for a proud thief, a thief with a lot of ego and self respect or esteem, Gold is just one shiny yellowish (or is it golden?) stone when he gets it so cheap, like say, when he steals it from a fool. You know what else is a lie? I’m a lady. But, that’s by the way. What I’ve just tried to tell you is that Gold is Gold to a thief anyway it comes. Still, when they try a lot harder to get it, maybe by robbing a highly secured bank, sneaking through surveillance cameras and cracking safes and playing with really complicated toys (I actually mean gadgets) and all those other things you’d get to see on Italian Job and Stolen, they’ll hold that gold with higher value than gold of the same characters that a rich man’s trusted servant forgot in a briefcase on the plane and they were watching and nature did all the work and all they had to do was pick it up and the servant lost his job because he got fired by his boss.

Anyway, Gold is only a metaphor here. A metaphor for Trust. How it’s gotten. How it’s held. How it’s valued. Who’s trust worthy? Who’s not worthy? Thing is, earth is a big ball and at the same time, a small world. Makes it all so confusing knowing what’s what and who’s who and who’s what. We’re left to choose to believe or not what we hear or, more reliably, what we see. But can we even trust our eyes or our ears? Our eyes, they see what we want them to see. An eye can look at a messed up car, for example, and see a Ferrari. Go figure. How about our ears? Worse. We don’t have plenty choice or control there. They hear what the other person wants us to hear. A short boy can tell you he’s tall and, whether you believe him or not, you’ve heard it. The only thing that can save you there is your eyes. Whether it looks at a short boy or a tall boy. And you’re quite out of luck if you do see a tall boy.

I’m about to make an attempt at connecting the two previous paragraphs.

When lies and pretence is what’s used to get a person to like you, to see you for what you’re not, to regard you for more than your worth, to respect you more than you deserve, such likeness and regard and respect is almost nothing. It’s built on false assumptions. It’s worthless, like Fool’s Gold. Yeah, it might be convincing and all but lies starts slowly and then they become quite fast, you know. They always catch up. And when they do, like perverts in a marathon, they begin to strip you of your gear publicly to show the world the inner you. Shame. However, if a person knows a person by truths, that person is bound to forever respect that person regardless of whatever that person ever does to that person. The fact that truths are there where there could be lies is enough for that person. That person values that person a lot more.

All I’m saying is, when lies and what not are used to get a person to trust you, you – being trusted – will hold such trust with a lot lesser value than trust granted onto you by someone based on truths. Also, trust is bound to collapse when a victim of lies realises that they’ve been fooled all along because the foundation of such trust never really had trenches. And that’s almost not possible.

With this, when I say, ‘Lies. Lies, everywhere. The worthlessness in cunning a Fool’s gold.’ I’ll just direct a person here when they say they don’t understand and hope that all this mumbo jumbo clears it out for them.

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