STIR NIGERIA: Post-Presidential Media Chat, Borno Massacre & Centenary Celebrations – Adeleke David

Before you ask me if you have become a political writer or blogger, let me inform you that there are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

I have chosen to not be mentioned among the majority who stood for nothing and never embraced the despair of failure in their quest for the joys of victory. If things aren’t going right and you keep mute, you are no better than those in support of injustice.

I just had a cup of Lipton, and true to it, I almost drank a sugarless cup of Lipton. The sugar settled beneath like stones at sea bed. I unconsciously stirred to “play” with the crystals only to realize that they “disappeared” until I found no more. Then it occurred to me that what is not stirred never tastes sweet.

Nigeria, is to me, like a cup of tea. The sugar must be stirred. If measurable changes are to find root in this country, we must stir!

That means that we must displace everything that can be displaced. We must unsettle whoever must be unsettled. We must stir Nigeria!

A cold war it will be, but it is a war worth fighting to the finish. Nothing seems guaranteed but our determination can see us through the hard moments. We should stop thinking we are in times of peace. These are times of war; cold, silent and ruthless war for the heritage of our children and our welfare. War against the greedy minority. War against the facilitators of insurgency. War against western ideas and opinions that turn one against another. War against the madness that has become a norm in a once admirable nation. Take a cue from the Late President John Atta Mills of Ghana, and now President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. These are African leaders that are stirring their countries, the cold-blooded threats of the west notwithstanding.

If you are a true Nigerian, from your sphere of influence, STIR NIGERIA!

To nation building,

Adeleke David

Mr Effectiveness


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