On The Ocean To “Jerusalem” – Samuel Ufot Ekekere

Have you had the opportunity to travel over water, on a canoe, boat or cruise liner? Maybe you have or you have not. A journey over water could be especially interesting if you are opportune to travel to a distant country like “Jerusalem.” I still dream of porting someday at “Jerusalem.” I am somewhere in “the school of hard knocks” praying that opportunity to make this dream comes by.

 You have a “Jerusalem” you yearn to live in. It could be the dream job, home, spouse, or child. You may currently be at “down casted land” praying and hoping the opportunity to visit “answered prayers” port comes true. Sometimes you query your mind how you are going to leave “no money continent” for “wealth and riches continent.” As much as you trouble that weak man inside you, he often tells you how help less you are. The Good news is, a ship just ported and it is taking interested travellers free. You can literally walk into the ship provided you have a “certified passport” and a “visa.” Are you perturbed? You may be.  Littered around us are almost free opportunities. The problem though has being that we close our eyes to these opportunities and hope that “our horses” would appear for a dream ride. Chances are that the answers to what we so want is always so close, closer than we thought. As much as you have these opportunities lurking around, you cannot just jump into them. You have to qualify and get a pass. Your pass is the object of hardwork.

When you do have the visa, its uhuru. Jump straight into this free ship. The visa separates us from the rest. Everyone wants to achieve one great feet or the other but only a handful will go ahead and achieve. Why is this so? This is because only a few can get that visa to “achievement land.” Getting the visa could be really challenging especially when you have to get through “Difficult consulate.” However, trust your main man, “uncle persistence,” and your madam at the top, “hardwork.” You do have to consult them and let them work for you.

Thank God, you have passed the normal rendezvous of dreaming. Now you are in “possibilities” ship. Welcome on board friend, its nice meeting you here. You do need a new mentality and some highflying friends so I am introducing you to my main man and pal, victor and his army “champions team”. They are off the hook ready to pull along with you to “Jerusalem.” Their job is to help people like you with their vast experience as regards issues of life. They are in the right position to advice you having being where you are and where you want to be.

Here is captain “Faith.” Do not mind how he smiles and laughs, he is the best at what he does and he is ready to give you that great ride. You can trust his safe hands to direct this ship. If you do need any help, please call “miss hope.” Find “miss comfort” to give you that rest you so need.

I thought we would have a safe ride through this journey having had to get into the best free gift ever. The truth is, even when the conditions are very suitable, challenges often arise. Sure “mocking storm” stands before us and says, “You think you can truly succeed in this journey? You must be joking friend.” Have no fear; major breakthroughs come after periods of storms. Yeah, you may be querying your mind over what you have done wrong and you might not have done any wrong. The fact remains, that in the ocean of life, storms must rage. You do understand that if you must reach the other side of the ocean you just have to remain calm.  Meet aunty “patience.” I have known her through all the major storms I have had to go through and she has being a good friend.

Thank God, you have made it through the storm. We are nearing “casting down” port. You sure know all your fears at this point have to be cast down. Do you like the sight you see? Sure you do. The dream is here. Finally, you can give a grand smile. The city’s sparkling light envelops you. Remain calm do not hurry to rush out. This city often gives people like you a grand entrance. Its inhabitants know that to get here is not easy. Therefore, when you have managed to get over the storms of life, it is worth celebrating.

Welcome the newest entrant to “Jerusalem.” That is your introduction to Jerusalem. It’s mind blowing especially because you had no notion your fate could change within a few moments. Now that you have reached your desired end, take a walk around “authority” boulevard. There is none of its type elsewhere. You, once a mediocre person now has enormous power at your disposal, power to make change and impact too. In addition, your home is at “blissful” sea beach. You remember, this is the home you always envisaged you would live in. When you have taken your rest, you will go see your new place of employ. It’s “Destiny” plc., with a posh limo to suite your executive position. Yeah, I forgot to tell you about that dream woman “Miss Fortune” you have always desired but she seemed beyond your reach, here she is your next-door neighbor.  We are hoping to see you consummate this relationship.

Here is your new passport. Do not hope to see you return.

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