Nigerian Immigration Service screening: We The Masses Are Guilty Too – Opeyemi Adediran

I refrained from talking much about the deaths reported at the screening exercise for recruitment into the Nigerian Immigration service that have been going viral in the Nigerian cyberspace since morning.

Without much ado, our Government is a failed one and they are indirectly responsible for the souls lost today during the recruitment screening. Though zero unemployment is a utopian thing, our unemployment rate is too high, and things are made worse by the fact that there is no Social security safety net for the unemployed or even those with impairments/disability.

Nevertheless, the selfish/’do-or-die’ attitude of many Nigerians without caring about their fellow humans (the same attitude being exhibited by the political class that has made them insensitive to the plight of the hoi polloi) is what is directly responsible for the deaths recorded today. Why would you stampede and stamp on your fellow (weaker) human all because of a job that is not sure? Why? I remember I was almost stampeded and could have experienced a similar fate some years ago in Ibadan during a Reinhard Bonnke programme, because people were desperate for free Bibles/books. Is that enough reason to stamp on your fellow humans to death?

As much as we blame/criticise the government, we should also look inwards and examine ourselves. Why is it that we are not organized (even at the basest level)? Why are we insensitive to the plights of our neighbours? Most of us criticising the government are no better in our personal domains. I learnt a piece of ?#?Gala was sold at #150 at the FCT venue of the Immigration screening, is it the government that increased the price of gala? Fuel has been selling above the recommended price for weeks in Ibadan now without an official scarcity, is it the government that increased the price?

While I am not absolving the Government, it is pertinent to state that the mentality and actions of many Nigerians contribute to the suffering fellow Nigerians are already ‘enjoying’ due to poor governance. Why would you stamp a fellow human to death on top job wey no sure? None of the applicants who turned up for the screening needs a soothsayer to know that getting that immigration job is mission impossible, except you are connected to a political heavyweight, in which case you most probably won’t even need  to attend this kind of screening.

Our government is bad, but are we the governed not making the burden heavier for ourselves through our wrong attitudes/mentality and actions?

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  • Osayande

    Oh yeah agreed.. The masses and the government are to be blamed. But more blame should center on the government that failed to provide job opportunity for the masses.

    Where is ICT?
    And these immigration officers has already shortlisted names of people they need.

  • Kola

    The masses are not to blame in this scenario. It is unrealistic to expect a crowd of largely unconnected people to behave in an orderly manner without well resourced crowd control.
    Furthermore, there were some reports of gun shots fired to try to disperse the crowd. The whole thing was just a recipe for disaster and the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the organisers.

  • Olufemi

    Reading through a post like this can be very painful. About a year ago a stampede occurred in a UK pub (night club) which resulted in a death and injuries. The pub was shut immediately and the owners sanctioned. No one blamed the victims. In Nigeria it takes being the families of the victims to not blame them. When you are affected, you know how it feels.
    Due to the callousness in the system many victims are left to go home and licker their wounds. We need a nationwide soul searching. It is a case of manslaughter in my opinion. It was an accident waiting to happen.