Mimiko: The Story of An Anti-Moral Leader – Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye

In the edited words of Egalitarian Danthi Allegieri, pit of hell is the constituency of those who sees immorality and chose to go on criminal silence.

Country people, a never-seen-before immorality was recently perpetrated by a custodian of power and affluence in the South Western Nigeria. He’s a trained Medical Doctor that has abandoned his Clinic for Politics since the aborted 3rd republic.

Country men and women, welcome to the world of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, the Governor and paramount ruler of the oil rich Ondo State.

Now the main point:  Governor Mimiko was asked by the federal government to nominate three Delegates for the ongoing entertainment nick-named National Conference at the National Judicial Institute, Abuja. The Cinema show will take at least, 12 weeks before it is concluded.

To the surprise of all and sundries,  His Excellency Nominated  His Younger Brother, Femi Mimiko, a University Don who double as the Acting-Deputy Governor of Ondo State and the full time Vice-Chancellor of the state owned University situated at Akungba-Akoko.

As If that is not enough, his Excellency Dr. Mimiko also nominated 2 sitting Commissioners to complete his three nominees. The Commissioners are to be away in Abuja for the next three months without a Deputy to act in their absence. They are also to Miss the State Weekly Executive Meeting for the next three months.

It is on record that Mimiko, with the support of all his Commissioners, has not Commissioned a project since he was re-elected as Governor in October 2012.

Before I proceed, I wish to avow for the sake of clarity that the three nominees of Mimiko, most especially his immediate Younger brother, Professor Mimiko, are eminently qualified to represent an entity at any occasion; however, I wish to affirm without any prejudice or fear of intimidation that the nomination of  Mimiko Jnr. and the two Cabinet members in Mimiko’s government is immoral, Aba-Moronic (apologies to Victoria Ohaeri) and a great disservice to the good people of Ondo State.

I wish to ask that who will perform the roles of the ministries of the two Commissioners while they will be away doing the biddings of Mimiko at National Conference?

Assuming that the Septuagenarian Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Alli Olanusi will now have an ample of opportunity to prove his competence in the absence of Mimiko Jnr., please, who perform the constitutional roles of Professor Femi Mimiko at Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA) for the next three months? Oh! The Deputy Vice-Chancellor? I was reliably informed that the theory that the late President of Nigeria, Umaru Yar’adua applied for Goodluck Jonathan when the latter was his Deputy has been applied to decimate the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of AAUA! The poor Varsity Don reports to office daily to read Newspapers! Nothing else! He’s dutifully incapacitated as I write!

Without much ado, as a public affairs commentator, I consider Governor Olusegun Mimiko’s action as the height of insult and assault on the intellectually rooted, grounded and globally respected minds from Ondo State.

As at the last time I checked on the National Universities Commission’s Hansard, Ondo State was in 5th position amongst the states with the highest number of professors in Nigeria!

Now, I wish to ask with a sense of modesty that must it be Professor Femi Mimiko?

Lastly, let me state that assuming without conceding that the mainstream media have been oiled to go on criminal silence over this height of immorality, as a Change Agent, I refuse to be bought over!

Once again I ask, Why is it always Mimiko?

Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye, Magodo, Lagos.


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