Meeting Usain Bolt In Nigeria – Soyombo Ayomikun

  I heard the thumping footsteps

  A race between the hunter & the hunted

  He wore a stained white singlet

  Eyes red as balls of fire

  He held a long fat baton

  He is a Nigerian man chasing his disobedient daughter

  They raced round the compound

  Corporal punishment on father’s mind

  He felt madness had settled in his daughter’s heart

  Only hot beating would melt the evil

  He shouted something like “ko ni da fun e” (You won’t be successful)

  “Baba oloshi,” she replied likewise (Worthless father)

  As they raced aimlessly around

  Daughter tripped on a stone & fell

  She hit her head on concrete becoming unconscious

  The discipline-conscious father proceeding with the beating

  When his eyes cleared he saw her body limp

  He just killed his only daughter

   This Usain Bolt holds no world records

  But has rich ‘compound records’

  Whenever he chases his children in his compound he wins

  Subsequently beating the hell out of them

  He’s the Nigerian parent

  Who believes training a child is synonymous to beating

 “It is African to BEAT a child

  Pathetic to rub their heads”

  That’s how we boast of our ‘holiest’ culture

  Like that is what indeed cleanses our world

  But then, the leaders ruining us today were once children

  Well beaten by their well-meaning parents

   Perhaps there’s more

  To training children into becoming souls of honour

  Sensible beating may not be entirely wrong

  Something greater, though, could help achieve more

  Children want to be inspired into purpose

  An inspiration that can’t be induced by a cain

  I have seen children well beaten

  Transformed into terrors that killed their parents

  I have seen children well beaten

  Who, however, chose to listen all to become great

  I have seen children not really beaten

  Just by choice embracing wisdom becoming great

   Children are not drums

  Created for straddling & beating

  Parents are not supposed to be terrorists

  Heating up the home into the similitude of hell

  Children thrive within walls of love

  Nothing influences them more than the world we create

  We don’t want to spare the rod

  And spoil the child

  We should not also with wrath use the rod

  And at the end kill the child

  Anger yields nothing positive

  It’s such a dangerous drive when correcting a child

  Please take a break

  When you start causing bruises on your children

  If you strike them in frustration you loose respect

  When you shout obscenities at them your honour gets buried

  Africa has not asked us to punish our children till death

  We can only instill values by living honourably ourselves

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