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If Rev. Awasum Is Not An Apostle for Christ, then He Is An Apostle for Colonialism? – Boh Herbert

Short of being able to witness from the altar of God, Rev. Awasum seems to have enrolled as a disciple of colonialism. Here is the colonialism gospel he now preaches. He wrote:

“Colonization was the seed of enlightenment and education that liberated primitive Cameroonians/Africans and transformed their lives forever.”

Ma mami eeeeeh!

Rev. Awasum argues that it is instead Cameroonians “who (have) abused colonization”.

There is more. He explains (“if na kush”) that: “the original intent of colonizing countries in Africa was to free the people from ignorance, illiteracy and poverty.”

You read right! That’s Rev. Awasum for you. And he is not stopping on such a good act. He wants you not to doubt one fact. This is it, in his own words:

“…colonization has done more good to Africans and Africa than harm.”

Prepare to pay your bills to the colonialists all you ungrateful Africans and Cameroonians! There will be no free colonial lunch.

The Rev. Awasum tells us that colonialism can only be bad if fellow Africans or Cameroonians “stop communicating in colonial languages and turn to your own Cameroon languages.”

You can understand why this posting from me will only serve to further infuriate Rev. Awasum. What the eeeefff was I thinking? I should have wrote these lines in Kom.

Well, here is a Kom phrase that I could borrow to explain how I feel: right now: “Nyamf+ka!”

Boh Herbert

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