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If I Were Gen. Sani Abacha’s Son – Mustapha M.O


Can there be someone in this country of ours today, especially a commoner in his youthful age that will not want to be the son of the late Head of state? Not just any country, but Nigeria for that matter. The few years I have spent on earth had given me evidences beyond reasonable doubts to come to the conclusion that Nigeria is naturally (please note the naturally) one of the most blessed countries in the world in any criterion someone might want to use to judge. So as the son of a president of this country you are top shot in any sphere of national life that you may find yourself. But being the son of one of the most influential dictator adds its own incentives.

I read through Sadiq Abacha’s open letter to Professor Wole Soyinka where he refuted the whole claims of the Professor regarding his rejection of Centenary award due to his dad’s atrocities. He only did not refute but also insulted the renowned professor. He quoted the reasons given by the Federal Government as justification for awarding Abacha as a monumental achievement and his sister Gumsu Sani Abacha also backed her brother in this fruitless campaign. My aim is not to reply Sadiq as Ayo Sogunro had done that, rather I want to put myself in his position and let you see what I would have done.

First of all, by the virtue of who I am (Abacha’s son now), I will have access to the best of education which majority of my contemporaries were denied by my father, so my thinking and take on issues must be logical and rational in all sense of judgments. But as we all know I don’t have to be rational as I have all the money and privileges in the whole world. But all the same, I will ask myself the following Questions:

 If I were Abacha’s son, I will ask myself

* What if Ken Saro Wiwa was my father?

* Would Kola Abiola be able to defend MKO’s Legitimate mandate during my father’s reign just Like I’m doing now (i.e. Defending Abacha)?

* Would there be centenary celebration if my father were to be alive?

* Would the good people of Nigeria enjoy the freedom of expression like this if my father was alive?

All these and many more questions will be begging for answers in my mind because by de facto of what my father attempted to do, If he had succeeded and still alive, he will still be the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

My Father remains the only proven past president of Nigeria guilty of Corruption, murder, impunity, and other forms of social vices both thinkable and unthinkable of any government.

The least I could do as a son of Abacha is to engage in campaign of good governance, transparency to the best of my knowledge in relinquishing all my father’s looted property, keeping silent to all my father’s critics rather than exchanging words with them because let’s face it, my father spoilt ground.

Finally if I were to be Abacha’s son I will engage in any activities that will go against my father’s legacy just to make the world see that, though he may be a dictator worthy of persecution from any angle, but he still deserves to be respected and honored because of giving birth to me……

But unfortunately I was not his son and will never be, that is enough for me to be happy.

Mustapha Omotosho


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