Here’s Why GEJ’s Adminstration Sucks: The Reno Saga – Suhaib Mohammed

Series of stupid, senseless, and silly events have been unfolding ever since President Jonathan took office.

Even the president’s most ardent supporters must concede that the admin is brainless, and in short supply of the intelligent minds – bright, brave, and bold individuals – that are able to create better policies that will turn off insurgency and insecurity and turn on peace and security in the country.

We’re told – by the presidential dogs – that GEJ has improved Nigeria. Well, that’s not what the facts seem to indicate. Here are some of the reckless things that the admin does. Let’s see what we can call them: improvement or irrationality?

On March 12, 2013, Jonathan shamelessly, pardons Diepreye Alamieyeseigha – a man who was charged and convicted by a London court for stealing millions of dollars from his state. At a time when the nation is battling with corruption, the President is romancing it not in the dark hours of the night, but in broad daylight. Yet, his admin tells us – unapologetically – that they’re “fighting corruption.”  Who are they kidding with their irrationality?

In January last year, the Jonathan admin suddenly announced their bonanza – sharing out mobile phones worth N60 billion to some 10 million farmers. In a country where farmers are in short supply of fertilizers and funds to expand their farmlands, the admin insists that the agriculturalists receive the phones and use it to – perhaps – grow their crops with their outgoing calls.

Last month, the President suspended the CBN governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Reason? Because he informed him of the financial misconduct in NNPC. If that’s not first class irrationality, I don’t know what is.

And just days ago, Reno Omokri, the Special Adviser of the President on New Media, takes the lead. Here’s how the whole drama unfolds …

There has been another spate of bloodshed by the Boko Haram sect in Borno and Yobe. And Reno masked himself – under a hidden identity – in his efforts to link SLS to the attacks. Sitting in the corrupt roofs of his master, Reno removed his moral conscious, dignity, and faith, and crafted a forged article in a Word document under the pseudonym “Wendell Simlin” to paint the suspended governor as a terrorist.

He released the material on the World Wide Web. The scandal circulated in the Nigeria’s cyber-space. No one believes the authenticity of the allegations. So immediately, smart Internet-savvy Nigerians began to crack the document through and through.

At first, they traced the IP address of the document: And identifies its location: Kubwa, Abuja. At last, they figured that the Word document “Simlin” sent out as news has the name “Reno Omokri” on it. Reno was busted!

At a time when Boko Haram are busy killing innocent civilians in villages devoid of Reno’s boss’ JTF, a Presidential aid was busy crafting vicious lies similar to the barbarism of the State of Nature in dark ages.

“Mr. Omokri’s tactics are reminiscent of the official attitude during the wanton killings and bombings under General Sani Abacha. When Abacha’s goons shot and failed to kill Afenifere leader Abraham Adesanya, the government blamed the aborted assassination on the old man’s NADECO colleagues.”  ~ Premium Times

It’s a sad, sad story. Yet, the Jonathan admin didn’t apologize to the general public or sack the daft Omokri. You will not expect the bleeding Nigeria – under these clueless heads – to heal its wounds. You wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. No one would. No one will.


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