Cobhams Asuquo: The Extraordinary Musician Who Sees Beyond Blindness – @alabaster85

  The winds were soft

   T’was midnight

   We were gathered in an amphitheatre

   The venue was OAU,Ile-Ife

   The guest artiste was invited over

   A lady guided him to the podium

   The voice I heard

   Soothingly struck my spinal cord

   I shivered with excitement

   My mouth agape

   His fingers even stroked the keyboard

   His name – Cobhams!

  As the programme ended

   We shuffled to our dormitories

   Everyone talking about Cobhams

   Saying the little they knew

  “He was born blind”

   I overheard someone say…who knows for sure?

   I froze in my tracks

   Tears welling in my eyes

   His song filled our hearts with light

   Light blindingly bright

   He definitely can’t be ordinary

   I concluded as I slept that night

   The blind had a dream

   He saw beautiful days ahead

   He fed on blindness

   All to grow into an enigma

   He lived in a world of ordinary people

   The extraordinary happened

  One of his secondary school seniors

   Who described him as very likable

   Told of a day he won’t forget

   When a lady named Mariam duped a ‘roomie’

   Cobhams, a junior ‘roomie’, heard about it

   He later turned it to music in the room

  “I saw Mariam…panparanpapapa

   Mariam beautiful from head to feet

   When you see her you should run

   She isn’t a girl for you to love

   When she says that she loves you

   Don’t listen, vit’s not true

   But when you miss her

   You are gonna miss your wallet too”

   They all enjoyed as he sang

   He, preparing for conquest, as David did in the wild

   Thanks for rising above blindness

   All to give us meaning

   Thanks for showing us the way

   With the beautiful light you bear

   I wish you can see and read all this by yourself

   But then, thank God you can’t

  Maybe without blindness

   There wouldn’t have been Cobhams

   We wouldn’t have heard Rooftop MC singing ‘Lagimo’

   Asa’s ‘Jailer’ would have been a dream in the jail

   To you, Blindness, we say thank you

   For giving us the mystery extraordinaire called Cobhams

Credit: Dr Fowler…for the song about Mariam.

Soyombo Ayomikun tweets from @alabaster85

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