“History never repeats itself, but it does rhyme.” ~ Mark Twain

I would like to start by making two ‘careless’ declarations that have probably been ‘carefully’ reserved by opinionists; firstly, for those still waiting to hear the sounding of a gong before they realize what is actually going on in this country, well, you don’t need to keep your ears down, just open your eyes and see. This country is in war! This country is burning! You know a Nation is at war when lives are lost like droves of ants being stampeded upon daily, when properties/infrastructures are burnt to ashes, when villages are being wiped out in one fell swoop and when citizens flee to perch under the shelter of other sovereign nations for security because they can’t trust their own government to provide same. Government have failed them. Secondly; Let’s not get what is glaringly obvious twisted, this carnage that has ceaselessly plagued our nation is all about corruption, power and a do or die need to remain perpetually clinched to it, damn the polls.

Boko haram is a conspiracy that goes beyond an ordinary comprehension leveraged by the government of the day to retain power in the South South first and PDP by extension. Boko haram is the government and the government is Boko haram no two ways. The facts are all over for those who genuinely wants to see without sentimental spectacles. We all knew how government was able to afford to deliberately keep mute over its twenty abducted female citizens whose whereabouts are up till now unknown, it is also common knowledge General Mamman Shuwa (Rtd) was killed under the supervision of government forces, It should also stir some curiousity that Boko haram have recently threatened to kill all GEJ’s perceived enemies, we also know how Boko haram operated from 12:30 to 4:00pm in Buni yadi and subsequently for 8hrs! In Bama uninterrupted. Reports are rife that security personnel’s mysteriously vanished into thin air on both (or more) occasions moments before Boko haram were billed to unleash their mayhem. This couldn’t have been coincidental, there’s one thing soldiers know how to do best; “obeying the last command.” Make whatever you wish out of this knowledge but trust me if Boko haram was doing what the government didn’t like, the Army and Air force alone are up to the task in one single operation after a detailed intelligence report. Am repeating this without mincing words, Boko haram is the government’s covert operation wherein they have recruited the same youths they refuse to give meaningful jobs.

There could be other fragments of Boko haram but they cannot be as powerful and deadly as the one this government is unleashing. Furthermore, one Wendell Simlin has actually gone out of his way to prove the governments ties with Boko haram.This might be empty blabs some might think, alright. But I want to draw your attention to a particular streak. Boko haram are mostly slaying the male sex in series of their attacks, leaving the female ones. Men are symbol of strength, unity and power, men are the live wire of every society. Give me a society without men, you give me a weak and feeble society. A society that doesn’t and wouldn’t count. This is the streak, annihilate the men and the strength and power of the people to be socially and politically active will automatically be annihilated. This was what Pharaoh attempted to do some 3 – 4000 yrs ago when according to the Qur’an some fortune tellers had prophesized of the birth of a baby boy who would put an end to Pharaoh’s reign. Thus, Pharaoh ordered the killing of all the baby boys born at that time. I am not sure if the Bible corroborate the fortune tellers tale thing in the Qur’an, but it does corroborate that Pharaoh actually ordered the killing of baby boys (to weaken the Isrealites) as stated in Exodus 1:15-21, “Pharaoh commands midwives to kill Hebrew boys at birth.” You see, history really does rhymes. We already all know that there is definitely more to Boko haram than meet the eyes. Sometimes ago when GEJ said his ambition was not worth the blood of anybody, am sure we missed the lines by not reading his lips closely. Let’s even assume for a moment that the presidency is not directly involved, with its body language, even from that perspective we can rightly know that it seeks to benefit from this Boko haram plague, hence, its unwillingness to sweep it off. The plague benefits their selfish interest in all ramifications the only price however is the people’s blood which to them is no biggie. Either way, whether directly or indirectly involved, it simply means that this government and by extension PDP must leave power before we can have hope of flushing out the Boko haram carnage, otherwise February next year is quite an ample time for Boko haram to strike hotter and harder or even close down Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states etc. It is actually very interesting that eminent men and women in government have never been targeted for once by Boko haram (which is the best and right place to send their signals), only the poor, defenseless and perceived enemies have always been at the receiving end. Nigeria is not a country that actually cares about its citizens everyone knows and sees that, so if government isn’t involved, do we think Boko haram will be foolish enough to assume that by killing its citizens government will yield to its smoke screen demand?

Government have crippled the people of Borno, they have been left hopeless. Government cannot and will not wipe out its organ (Boko haram) their only sure bet now is their courage, what is left is for the people of Borno to take up arms against Boko haram and defend themselves by themselves. Showing your enemy your vulnerability and weakness only gives him the chance to confidently amuse himself by hitting at you all the time. The people of Borno and other vulnerable areas should stand to defend themselves! Like Nelson Mandela I did not ask the people of Borno to plan to do this “…..in a spirit of recklessness, nor because I have any love of violence…..” “but to oppose an inhuman system and sue for a speedy end to the -henious- apartheid crime against humanity.”


I was in a cab at Area one on Thursday Feb. 20th heading to Lugbe when news filtered through the air of the cabs radio set reporting that the federal government have ordered the immediate suspension of the CBN governor on account of ‘financial recklessness.’ At that moment I wasn’t sure if the news was just breaking because I’ve practically been hitting the road all day and wasn’t able to surf the net because I was on low battery, anyhow I wasn’t surprised, what took me aback however was the reaction of a passenger who was seated in the front. He suddenly exploded in a rapturous spleen “yes! That is good let him go! The man is useless.” He started to say. Well, that would have been understandably normal, I mean we all have our sentiments. But that expression was no longer normal when it began to smack of ignorance the moment he went further to say “The man is just wasting our money.” I felt the urge to engage him in a debate but I quickly reckon that I was putting on a Kaftan and cap, he’d quickly judge me as defending my “Moslem brother” so no fact I’d state will make meaning to him. I figured it was useless trying so I just decided to keep mute, however I concluded his ignorance was infected with a chronic disease when he said “imagine the CBN cannot account for up to $20b of our money!” I actually deeply wished he’d be guided with his fact and wondered how many Nigerians out there are as misguided as this young man riding with me. Could he have been blinded by his hatred for SLS that he couldn’t see the clear picture? I just sat there and amused myself with his ignorant infection as he basked in the euphoria of it. That’s the problem many Nigerians don’t even know what to fight for talk less of how to fight for it. Until then we still have a long way to go, until then the problem will always linger.

The booth that was used against embattled CBN gov. Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is not a new booth, the booth has always been there, it has always been used, it was the same booth that was used on Nuhu Ribadu and Justice Ayo Salami. Now, regardless of what you might have against these men you have to admit that they do have some fair share of integrity at least against the collection of people we have occupying public offices. That booth will always remain there ready to be used against anyone who dare refuse to play against the rules of the game; corruption and impunity. The governing circus of this country is an out of bound pitch for people who are fearless, sincere and upright. At least not in this dispensation. So Sanusi’s ouster didn’t come as a surprise, he clearly didn’t fit in on the table. It’s a pity however because we actually need a lot of Sanusis in our system. We are obviously not about to get that, and it’s unfortunate that the poor masses bear the fire of this impunity. It’s a pity that some are very ignorant and lack knowledge of the right direction to channel their anger and frustrations. Like my cab companion.


We are already used to the fact that Jonathanians are a ravaging cabal who always defend with words rather than see to it that their master defends with action all in a selfish bid to justify their pay. It seem the GEJ’s administration will score a distinction in this area as it was able to competently recruit fine fine grammarians and lexicologists to ensure to always polish its actions or inaction with injecting words. Pathetically these cabals have no conscience, lack integrity and will readily call white red irrespective of how many peoples blood is needed to make it look red. I always wonder what’s so difficult about seeing to it that their pay master ensure to do its assignment properly and close all channels for grumbles. Well they would not because they have to remain in the Job, na where dem dey chop be dat. But like the Hausa man says “karya fure ta ke ba ta ya ya.”  (Lies only become – unfertilized – ovule but can never reproduce.) That is why when one of the Jonathanians wanted to do his usual dirty work under the guise of Wendell Simlin, God flatly and squarely exposed him shamefully. If shame still had meaning we should have by now been trying to forget what Reno Omokri looks like. May God continue to expose them one after the other. Amen.


Before now, I thought people only celebrate success? This was suppose to be all about our amalgamation, but how well is it so far to warrant such lavish celebration? Or is it another cover to squander funds? I can bet it won’t be an exemption from the aims. If we should investigate the funds that have been expanded for this baseless show of squandery, am sure we would be moved to add another campaign to the #WhereIsOurMoney campaign. By the way, did we see the gold plated iphones? Or did the goodwill businessmen backtrack?

Away from that, let’s take a little look at the fusion anyway. Do we really think the British are fools? Do we really think they are not aware that our cultures and values are different yet they still went ahead to fuse us? Do we really think there’s no ulterior motive for forcefully fusing us despite knowing our difference? There is no selfless service without an atom of selfish interest.

Now let’s not delve into which side of the divide you belong to on the amalgamation issue, whether you think the British were being selfishly wicked for the amalgamation or they did the best thing to have ever been done. But the fact still remains that the chemical composition is a wrong experiment. I don’t want to know whether you believe that we should perform a titration that would strengthen the bond or we should just break up. But it still remains very obvious that there are a lots of reason why Nigeria should cease to remain Nigeria, and not a tangible reason why it should continue.

Sometimes to sue for a peaceful co existence, there should be no MUST in unity. Am not advocating, am just saying. Personally I would love for Nigeria to still work. What’s my reason? I am already Nigerian by blood and I see us as one, but the people who don’t see Nigeria as one seem to be more than the patriots and these people continue to give us strong reasons and make us see a dire need to cease. We must weigh our options, either way, there are consequences.


It is true we have started asking, it is true we are beginning to wake up, it is also true that more money beyond the NNPC’s missing over $49b is missing from other organs of government. They are ALL kleptocrats! The once that refuse to be are shown the door ungentlemanly. If we are ready to hold government by its collar, we can’t just sit behind the characters of our gadgets and keep tapping out an SOS on #WhereIsOurMoney then we expect the money to dive out from beneath the ocean deep. Dr Peregrino Brimah’s one man army protest in the streets of the US which was followed by Japheth Omojuwa’s protest on the streets of Berlin has given us a pointer as to where to ‘start from’ if we must push these money out. Otherwise like every other issue, we can as well forget about it and move on. Simple but sorry!

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