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I shared a few tweets about Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger this morning. I figured it’d be better to make it into a blog so that when this argument comes up again, some smart babe or dude would only have to go on Google and this would pop up.

Arsene Wenger built a global brand at the detriment of personal success, some other guy has been chasing ego-feeding trophies around. Isn’t it a miracle, that a club that hasn’t won a trophy in almost a decade remains amongst the biggest football brands globally? Arsene Wenger came and revolutionized the art and science of English football. None has had more intricate effects on these sides of the game. The Arsenal that Wenger met in 1996 was an Arsenal that celebrated qualification for UEFA Cup in a massive way. UEFA Cup not UEFA Champions League. History is not about what we do, it is about how we do them. It is about the significance and the effect over time. 100 years from now, Chelsea & Manchester City will be remembered for their billionaires, Arsenal will be remembered for Wenger. Before there was the word “Mourinho” in global football consciousness, Real Madrid wanted Arsene Wenger. He could have gone, he decided, Real Madrid is a finished house. These other big clubs chasing me are finished houses. I want to build a new global force. So,Arsene Wenger decided to build Arsenal. If all you see is what Arsenal cannot do today, sorry about your shortsightedness. If all you think of football is trophies and 3 points, Preston North End thought of that too in the past. Where are they now? There are loads of other examples. Find them on Google in the forgotten archives of football. The myth of the Arsenal brand is in what people don’t say. That this club remains the most talked about despite not winning a pin since 2005. If Chelsea goes trophyless for 5 years, no one will discuss them. Same for Man City. We are Arsenal. We are a myth. We are a force! At the moment, nobody talks about Tottenham Hotspurs, people are almost forgetting Liverpool. But Arsenal remains a global brand to reckon with.

Wenger would come to be appreciated when he finally bids Arsenal "Good bye" | Photo: Mirror Football

Wenger would come to be appreciated when he finally bids Arsenal “Good bye” | Photo: Mirror Football

So listen & listen hard, read and read clearly, whenever you call Arsene Wenger a failure, look to expand the limits of your thinking. Arsene Wenger is a great man. He remains the greatest foreign manager in British football. Why? The Arsene Wenger effect on British football is multilinear & intricately deeper than trophies, which even he has won. Do yourself a favour, google “the effect of Arsene Wenger on English football” & educate your mind beyond football mundane concerns. For people like myself, we care about more. We see more. Do not blame us. It is who we are. It is how we are. Don’t be mad at yourself. And if you care, tell me the deeper effects of any other foreign manager on English football beyond ego-tripping trophies. Arsene Wenger is not a man to be rubbished, except of course you don’t care about greatness. On that note, cheers to a great day.

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