Raped By A Monster Father – Soyombo Ayomikun

He rammed into me

Like a bull gone mad

Sweating & panting

Like an evil truck pusher

Desecrating the clefts between my legs

His sweat mixing with my tears

I screamed & struggled

As a ant would against an elephant

He slapped me, jerking on

As if dancing to a music from hell

I gave up fighting becoming limp

He, continuing, let out groans of pleasure

Suddenly the pounding ceased

The scent of sweat, tears & blood enveloping me

He staggered up, latching on his belt

His eyes revealing hard earned victory

He was a graying man of fifty-three years

I, a budding girl of ten

He warned me not to tell anyone

With fear I nodded severally in agreement

That night my childhood got murdered

With none around to fight my cause

Behind the drapes I got raped

By a man supposed to be my father

I hated men from that night

Including those appearing as angels

I even stabbed one the other day

He was just being too nice

That got me into a psychiatric rehab

The drugs could not just heal my wounds

The church heard about the rape

Following which conclusion was that father got possessed

The police that should help with justice

Got shooed away with gifts of bloody money

Deliverance was done for him for months

Then a night came when right at my door I again saw him smiling

Can’t somebody just incarcerate this animal

Helping fight my dark battle

It seems like my heart is already scarred beyond healing

But another soul out there could be saved

From these roving evil spirits gone wild

Seeking one more soft hymen to tear

I have tasted the grapes of rape

Terribly sour, burning like acid

It burnt my innocence, smiles & sensibility

Transforming me into a very mad soul

I pity men that try smiling at me

As the scent of men fuel my madness some more

I am Nigeria

Daily being severely raped by your leaders

Please jail the rapists of this land

The rapists of its beautiful virgins

Jail the monsters consuming our women

Justice I cry for, that I may smile again

Soyombo Ayomikun tweets from @alabaster85

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