Our Leaders And Their Democracy Of Hypocrisy – Onyeka ‘Kerous’ Ibeanusi

It was one time U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) who said democracy was the government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Abraham Lincoln was right, and that definition became the foundation of almost every democratic propagation. It turned the summation of the very core of any democratic ideology. He was right judging by his society.

However, Lincoln didn’t realise that somewhere in the future, countries like Nigeria will hijack that institution and philosophy and have a few men modify it to favour them.

He wouldn’t  know that in some distant land in Africa democracy would mean the government by the people(‘s Democratic Party) for the people(‘s democratic party) against the people.

He must have doubted that democracy would mean an uncontrolled quest for power and fortune in one West African state where there are no basic infrastructures like good roads, good hospitals, and employment, etc.

In fact that while this abnormality continued the so-called leaders and their children would go ahead in milking the country dry and continue in complacency lavishing abroad as they lead ostentatious lifestyles.

How could he have assumed that the Military cartel will hijack a country’s democratic institution and redefine its principles?

In fairness, Nigerian Democracy needs a different definition; a definition with attributes distant from Lincoln’s. A definition that will be sincere enough to tell the real story and paint the true pictures in a way that Posterity will understand.

This includes the outrageous annual salaries of Senators and house of Rep members; Mass inter- party defections, series of open letters and counter open letters, series of battle cry by both religious and political leaders.

Adding to the List is the scores of violence and a threat to the Sovereignty of Nigeria from several pressure groups.

This definition will include the promise of change from an APC that will plot to obstruct the signing of the National budget. Also,that will include the APC’s regular attack of any decision made by the ruling party and the extreme plundering of national resources by those in power.

As 2015 draws closer, Nigeria is suddenly a great nation statistically, creating massive employment on paper and boosting power that we hardly see.

I must confess, it takes a degree of genius to manipulate and influence things this much. The Nigerian schemers (Politicians) who will go any length to get power and enjoy the largesse of office in an assumed democratic state seem not to care about the future.

What about the activists? Funny set of people who wants to get more money and political appointments by attacking the government. The Reuben Abatis of this world.

In this democracy of hypocrisy, one of the major culprits have been the ordinary man or you may want to call them the masses. They adore thieving government officials, praise sing them and sell their votes, future, employment, infrastructure, good education, primary health care services, their children’s future and many more for a token of N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira).

Same people come out months later mostly on independence day to brand Nigeria every kind of ugly names.

The truth remains evident that we are our own undoing. Blame it as much as you can on the British and the structure they left behind, on tribalism and all what not, the truth will keep staring at us in the face.

In this democracy of hypocrisy, the desired change must come from within and that within means us. After all Abraham Lincoln said it is the government of the people, for the people, by the people.

Onyeka ‘Kerous’ Ibeanusi is a Nigerian Musician, motivational/entertainment writer, Speaker and a social commentator.  He has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University Of Benin.

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