#MTNfootball Awards: My Ideas, Thoughts And Suggestions On The Future Of Events


This is an eyewitness report and nothing more; I declared the intention to share my experience of the event with the world. Same day @nubikay also shared a piece with @SMWlagos that made me finally put my thoughts to writing. This is an abridged version of the original, on the less; in addition to my views are suggestions, lessons and recommendations for the future events.

This event was a platform that gave all JJ Omojuwa’s followers and fans of #MTNfootball an experience like no other. It’s the kind of event that anyone can confidently say was value for time. The humor was just undeniable; it was more like bringing the experience of football viewing centers across the country (Nigeria) right to twitter.

#MTNfootball did more to me than just entertainment; it ignited that creative genius in me. I was busy multitasking between putting down new ideas, a few thoughts and responding to further interactions and mentions. I kept saying wow to myself as I typed and I was thinking is this not how some great ventures spring up? Who can tell what will become of these ideas tomorrow? It was as if I got a yes from Omojuwa’s cousin after setting P backstage. I had a sweet sleep that night, blessing Omojuwa for his efforts. I also remember announcing the exclusive right to dress JJ and the 2014 event dignitaries. Now let’s catch a glimpse of my ideas thoughts and suggestions on future events.

Awareness: awareness for the event was short, great concept though.  Awareness through adverts, publicity and campaigns could be introduced. For example, you can just come up with a competition for people to do some task/project that will be used at the award nights itself. This will create engagement and also inspire creativity. It will be good to help people display and trade their talents for social good. A video, graphic artwork, soundtrack, campaign etc

Hosting: Omojuwa did a great job with hosting the event. I will suggest that a co-host be included to help ensure a smooth and cool event. The co-host can tweet, RT and also tweetcast the event alongside the host. Cross-platform hosting can also be introduced. Event hosting can cut across different social media platforms and also create cross platform engagement for the event.

Networking: I saw this in a different form; it was more in P setting. Tweeps made new friends, followers, interactions etc I met omojuwa’s cousin backstage while dressing and networking with the performing celebrities as the official clothier of the event. They were pleased to be styled by me. Networking in future events will be in your ability to sell yourself; introducing the you beyond your profile/bio. This can be applied through sharing of eComplementary or eBusiness card in form of a link, it could be your webpage, blog, YouTube about me link; just a quick introduction to connect with a new contact.

Giveaways and freebies: I love the idea of giving out freebies in form of air-time to event participants. In future events giveaways will include coupons, tickets, discounts codes, bonanza, tokens etc we would witness an introduction of digital gifts, souvenirs and take away. This freebies could be useful either online or offline.

Advert: there was no advert for the event, at least to the best of my knowledge. Adverts for #MTNfootball can feature top twitter personalities, celebrities or people we can relate with. Advertisements both for and during the event, could be free or sponsored. Brands will gladly cash in on this as opportunity to further push word out about their businesses.

Attendance; Event registration is a great idea, either with eventbrite or by email. Registering before the event will be useful for statistics, giving out of gifts and passing further info. There could be a hangout or dinner, fun event that will in some ways bring the experience and fun offline.

Marketing/ the future market: online events will soon become potential future markets for brands with strong online presence. Businesses can pay back in cash, with social capital or social responsibility as medium of exchange. The cash could cover freebies, awards, gifts and giveaways. They will pay by providing gifts, digital or eSouvenirs for giveaways in different categories to both winners and attendees.  Let’s not forget twitter currency too, “pay with a tweet” another great tool. Social capital and responsibility I interpret as using or lending your voice to support and promote worthy online causes. Participating in awareness and creating publicity for the event.

Creativity: I foresee the use of more creativity at online events by both attendees and organizers. An idea that came to me was the use of pictures, video clips to tell stories of events in the football year. People can post or share remarkable and memorable happenings from dribbles, to goals and other action stories that made news and online trend. Creativity and content will determine the effectiveness of most future events. Your mind as organizer will set the difference. It would be cool to initiate Opening and closing ceremonies, Inserting documentaries; short documentaries and video presentations like we see at most awards. Documentaries to feature football stars, heroes, tweeps, causes etc  leass I forget, that picture branding with wallpaper and award design was cool. It can be taken a step further; by creating a site that can sustain further engagement even after or before the awards. Most especially for people that may not be online when tweets or other post relevant to the events are been made. Share pre and post event news, interview with the host and winners or award recipients.

Nobody has the monopoly of how to or how not to use twitter. Use it for social good, for great things. I watched a TED video of Seth Godin (2003) recently on how to make your idea spread, in his words “what spreads is what sells” social media is a great platform to spread great ideas; like #adoptatweep #mtnfootball #letr2jil  and #letr2jack etc @blackentreprise does plenty of twitter events, from Mentorship to seminars, workshops, holding chat forum sessions. We can initiate healthy twitter advocacy, social good events. Let’s add some spice to it (events), let our bloggers get creative and think, develop engaging programs. Enough of the spamming recycling of tweets and links we can do better.  #MTNfootball awards is justification that hosting great and creative events are possible.

Indeed opportunities abound here, in fact #futurejobs for the techy event managers and planners. For the sake of future events I also foresee #twitter adding some new features to enable future engagement. Let’s use social media to spread great ideas. See you at #MTNfootball awards 2014.

Stephen Akanmu is a concerned brand Nigeria advocate (a believer in proudly Nigerian Brands), a social media lover, a lifestyle entrepreneur and creative director of @team_src a trendy fashion brand. He tweets @akanmuste

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