Kenyan Pastor Charges Khs 1500 (N3000) To Check If Members’ Names Are In The Book of Life

Kenya is very much like Nigeria: corruption is unprecedented, ethnic strife appears much more pronounced than Nigeria, traditional rulers are just as corrupt as public officials but in Pastor Wahome of Helicopter Ministries, they have Nigeria’s match in religious scam. I read this on Nairobi Exposed:

In 2012, pastor Wahome was charging Sh 1,200 to anyone who wanted to touch his garment- like that woman who touched Jesus’ clothes in Mark 5:21-34. Wahome also claimed that people who touched his clothes got instant healing from whatever disease

And now, he has devised a new con game. Its called “Check whether your name is the book of life”. Wahome claims that if you give him Sh 1,500, he can actually ask God whether you are among those people who will go to heaven. He claims that he has a direct line to God and he can communicate with him directly.



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