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‘Where all men think alike, no one thinks very much’…Walter Lippman. That politics in Nigeria is seen as a dirty game is not news anymore; regrettably the youth are the worst hit by this philosophy or ideology. By February next year Nigerians will elect their next set of leaders to direct the affairs of this great nation. However, the politically aware old politicians are strategizing, how? By defecting to any political party they think will best serve their interest, and the youth? Well most of us are in the exhilaration of Valentine celebration or waiting for the next Champions League match to watch.

Let me be clear that am neither against the celebration of Valentine nor am I  anti-football, when majority of us view the government as ‘them’ , we create a psychological gap that pitch us against them. If the youth continue to stay away from politics then no one should complain when someone that is almost as old as the railway system is put in charge of the railway corporation. This offhand attitude is not going to bring the change we all crave for , the youth cannot afford to be indifferent anymore. If  we can stand for 5 hours in a musical concert, then we should be able to wait in line for 2 hours to register and wait another 3 hours to vote on election day. When an elephant is trampling on an ant and you claim to be neutral, the ant will not appreciate your neutrality. The youth, especially the ones in the Southern part of Nigeria should realize that though we can tweet and party down here, most of our mates in the North Eastern region cannot do same because of the activities of the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

On the other hand, the question that arises is better expressed in pidgin English ‘wetin government dey do sef ?’. The answers abound in our daily activities as young people, that you attended a university is because of a government policy, a governmental agency gave the school license to operate another agency overseers the school’s activity. That you can tweet is because a government agency granted your telecom service provider licence to operate and regulate same company to ensure they don’t ripe you off with high tariff. The list of government importance in our lives is exhaustive, why should we neglect an area so important in our lives? The last ASUU strike is a bitter reminder of how government directly affects us as young people, rather than sits and pray for a better Nigeria let us also work and thrive towards a better and united Nigeria. We cannot change a system from the outside, we need to get in there and effect change, we need to ensure that our votes count, it is not their government. It is ours too. As a youth, are you planning to register to vote when the time comes? Or is it still not your business?

And if you voted last time and you are not satisfied with the current administration don’t be discouraged, it is not enough to register and vote, go out and tell someone to vote come 2015, it is not enough to see the vision , share it with others encourage your friends, neighbours and co-workers. If as a youth you don’t feel the breath of fresh air as promised, then vote in someone with a better plan, if you are not happy with the performance of a shoeless fellow, vote in someone with a boot. If you don’t feel any transformation around you or you are not sure about SURE-P then get up and vote for a better candidate. We have to transform the political structure so it is responsible to the electorate .The political class are united by corruption, while trying to divide us by highlighting our differences. The only disparity in Nigeria is not in tribes and tongues or North and South but rather between the rich and poor, the widening socio economical gap that have almost wiped out the middle class. Future generations will ask what the youth did when Nigeria was being raped and fed with corruption, we have a solemn obligation to contribute and bring positive change in governance, and that cannot be achieved if we continue excluding ourselves from politics.

Nwagwu Everest


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