Branding and Social Media : On The Forefront of Churches In Nigeria. – Oluwaseyi G. Abidoye

First I must say that I am not an expert in Branding and the Social Media. But I am a user of the Social Media, and I understand basic Branding Concept. This article is solely my opinion and based on my observation, so I stand to be corrected.

It is undeniable the grate impact of social media on communication, business and individual interaction across space and time all over the globe. As well Brands have adopt social media for promotion, advertisement and even creation, as well as a tool for survey. It is almost endless what social media can do to a brand, and what a brand could use the social media for.

I am just trying to picture the mutual relationship which these two parties (permit me to call them so) have with each other. An average smart phone user can access any brand info, acquaint with it and even interact with the brand. Thanks to InfoTech.

Brands have crated a personal relationship with their customer/consumer base without or little barrier. For example a dissatisfied GLO user can place a call to customer care, tweet at GLO handle. And if still not satisfied, can take his grievances to public spaces and interactive platforms online.

However the main purpose of this article is to explore the newness of religion, especially Christianity and churches in their interaction in the context of branding and social media use.

Before now, churches major employ the TV & radio avenues for gospel propagation and dispensation per say. They have their names, logos, and perhaps unique identity which we can call their brand. But before the viral advent of social media, these brands have restricted interaction with the world and more with their members. Their brands were identifiable, known but with limitations. And their self awareness kept clipped.

These days, church now have a redefined view and identity, they have packaged their presence in the online community such that they now have a smooth and sleek appeal. This I suppose arose with the demands of the new culture in branding and public image management. They don’t rely solely on tv & Radio media anymore.

What baffles me is the question of self awareness of these churches. Do they know that they are actually brands? If so, do they seek concious and improved effort to design, propagate and promote their brands? Do they engage consultants, so survey and follow the trends, acceptability and performances of their brands? And finally are they aware that their a competition for these brands, and that they are consciously or otherwise drawn into it?

There question open my mind to what I have called business identity/nature of churches. But on the other hand I count it a blessing for them that the social media and brand redefinition has helped them expand the gospel. And it has put gospel in the spaces where it is also available as the vices that stand in direct opposition of it.

As much as branding and social media is a blessings to individuals & businesses, I can say it is a blessing to the churches. But looking the vices of these two concepts, do these churches know also that what goes for the goose is good for the gander?

I just wonder. Piety sometimes get dirty to promote itself. Just maybe.

Oluwaseyi G. Abidoye

The views expressed above are solely that of the writer and not necessarily that of or its associates.

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