Boko Halal Strikes Nigerians, Tasks Them on The Right of The Nigerian Child to Education

???Boko Halal, the young book worms, made its maiden attack into the consciousness of Nigerians today with a full page advert on page 18 of ThisDay newspaper with a call to all citizens to stand up for the Nigerian child’s right to education, especially in Northern Nigeria.

In a statement issued in Lagos by the book loving sect,Boko Halal metaphorically described Nigeria as an indivisible book adding that the world is waiting to read our success stories hence every citizen should play its part.

Their words:??”As we open the page 100 of the history of our great country, today is the day to ensure that no Nigerian child is left behind. From Zungeru to Enugu to Abeokuta to Abakaliki, this is the time to send out a new message. This is the time to let our children know that the book, or Boko, or whichever name it goes by, and whatever language it is written in (Arabic, Chinese or English) it is the only way to that great future we all like to talk about.”

Further more, Boko Halal challenges Nigerian to take a stand and enjoined Nigerians to pick up the book as the most potent weapon for driving social change.

“Today is the day to read the handwriting on the wall. It’s all too clear. It is time we rewrite the current story and evolve a sustainable culture where every child has an opportunity to be the best they ought to be. This is when the world can truly look up to us as the giant that indeed we are. Dear Nigerians, today is the day for Boko Halal”

Boko Halal is a collective of young bookworms driven by the burning desire to fight ignorance with a strong reading culture. The leader of Boko Halal is a colorful bookworm mascot reading a book. Book loving Nigerians are enjoined to join the Boko Halal movement by following it on twitter, facebook and other social media outlet.

Boko Halal needs you to help fight for the right of the Nigerian child to education. Please don’t keep the future waiting join us: 08093960259, twitter: @bokohalalng facebook:bokohalalnigeria.??Boko Halal is a corporate social responsibility initiative of Noah’s Ark. The Lagos based advertising agency recently ranked the second most creative ad agency at the Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival.



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