APC & Foreign Consultants – James Ogunjimi

Foreign consultants may be acceptable in other climes, but in this kind of issue, it is not. How can politicians that claim to want the best for us, need to bring in foreign consultants to win elections? Have they no ties to the grassroots? Don’t the people they want so desperately to serve know them?

The danger of hiring ‘foreign consultants’ to help win an election is this: To those consultants, Nigerians are just numbers, our profiles are just data, and 2015 is just a project. Their own job will be to win elections at whatever cost without caring what the after-effects will be; whether their methods drive a wedge through our already fragmented democracy can’t be their business, we’ll be the ones left picking the ruins. When you bring people who don’t know nada about a nation, they don’t know Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and the ‘relationship’ between them, they don’t know the thin line between Christianity and Islam and how ‘exploiting’ the difference (which of course they will do) can have dire effects on the peace of this nation, when you bring in people like that, you have not only betrayed your people, you have sold them out.

APC wants to win at whatever cost, they want to be in power at whatever cost, they want their share of the national cake at whatever cost, and they don’t care how many Nigerians they sacrifice at the altar of slavery, they don’t care if they sacrifice our peace as a nation on the altar of ambition, they don’t care if they sacrifice our nascent democracy at the altar of ego.

James Ogunjimi

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