Anti-Gay Law: Revealing The Nation’s Hypocrisy – Abiola Akintunde

The signing into law of the same sex marriage (prohibition) bill passed by the national assembly by the president has been trailed by different reactions; from the zealotry of the national assembly via the hypocrisy of Nigerians without expression of brotherly love against the enshrinement of the attack on the minority in the law. Some trails left behind, if followed will not take you through the route of the former neither will it take you to the destination of the former; the enshrinement of the attack on the minority in the law, but will take you through the route of a religious abomination, cultural and traditional taboo and moral destruction.

You don’t have to ask too much for which trail I have decided to follow, like I had stated on my twitter timeline; I stand against this same sex marriage (prohibition) law as it does not protect the right of the minority in the society, whose protection from the majority is the joy of a true democracy. You don’t have to needlessly impugn my stand on this issue if you will not allow for a logical understudy of what the law is to achieve in relative to the reality of the day.

Before embarking on the journey of a logical understudy of what the newly signed law is to achieve without enstranging it from the reality of the day, I quickly want to state that; it is a sin according to the books of faith, it is uneasy to swallow culturally as teenagers and unmarried adults having sex still cause a sting of uneasiness whenever it’s being mentioned, it is denied publicity traditionally, and is morally wrong as religion, culture and tradition are the building blocks of our morality.

However, it is worthy to note that our society has experience so many phenomenal changes that are neither acceptable to our morality nor in conformity with Godly values.

Homosexuality in its own nature will begot same sex marriage and as things stands today, no homosexual partners has ever seek a church or any of its pastors, a mosque or any of its Imams and alfas, or a court for solemnization or marriage, then to what end is this newly signed law? Needless to stress that homosexuality is the sexual business of two consenting adults of the same gender or sex and that which sexual practice is not so different from an heterosexual partners that engage in anal sex except that those involved in that of heterosexual are adults of different gender or sex.

Notably, consensual sexual relationship is strictly private as religion and culture is and it is not the perogative or business of the state to interfere in such private matter. This kind of law will only be used as an excuse to harass, wrongfully indict and arrest people to extort and exploit, and also as an instrument for personal and political gains especially in a country like ours where democracy has been reduced to rigged electoral processes and rule of law has been transformed to law of the ruler.

It is also worthy to note that homosexualism will not cause any harm to the individuals involve in the practice nor the society at large. If you are afraid that one of your family member will turn gay or lesbian, don’t be, because they won’t unless they are already or wanted to be on their own volition. I had known for a very long time that the Nigerian culture dwells on hypocrisy and I’ve not stop acknowledging that fact neither have I stop condenming our tradition of being hypocritical. You asked how? We render our support and give our consent to bribery, fraud (most especially; yahoo yahoo), embezzlement, loot, and other corrupt practices by either through our actions and inaction; such as being indifferent to such practices and justifying such practices with sayings such as national cake, repatriation of expatriated wealth through yahoo yahoo, terminal droppings and so on.

Moreover, these corrupt practices adversely affect the people and the Nigeria state as it hinders national growth and development while it further dig the pit of penury which the majority of Nigerian people found themselves, yet, no one seems to be concerned as they talk about it and do nothing about it but watch as every value of what is good and ideal is being destroyed with their kids, siblings, and neighbours becoming as corrupt as they can be. If it is not hypocrisy then what is it? The majority are destroying the present and future of the Nigeria state and Nigerians as a people without any active condemnation, yet we took it on ourselves to imprison those that are neither harming others nor themselves but only have a different sexual orientation as a consequence of their physiology and reasoning because they are the minority. The illogical support of the same sex marriage (prohibition) law popularly called anti-gay law by Nigerians have only revealed the heights of the nation’s hypocrisy.

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