$30 Billion Budget, $20 Billion Stolen Through NNPC Alone: Read Financial Times’ Story on Another NNPC Scam #NNPCwhereIsOurDollars

If this Sanusi Memorandum on NNPC Scam document is too long for you to read and digest, FT (Financial Times) has published a detailed report on it here Nigeria Bank Governor Alleges Oil Subsidy Racket but because you’d need to subscribe on their site to read the report, you can download the whole article here as PDF Financial Times On The NNPC Scam download the pictures below. Nigeria’s Feyi Fawehinmi @DoubleEph helped to make the article into a PDF document. There was a reason for that; so that more Nigerians can read and understand how badly they are getting whacked by the vultures in NNPC and their hawk allies in the Federal Executive Council. Like Feyi, be responsible, share with a fellow Nigerian. Even if we don’t want to demand for justice by fighting this menace, we at least deserve to how are raped daily. When we are ready, this will stop. Until then, read, digest and share.






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