When The Cheer Begins – @Olladave

When the cheer begins
When the lights are on
When the music is loud
The screams, oh mine
And the flashing lights see paparazzi
I'm fresh money- karma karzee
When I am demi-god
When the crowd finally meets me
They think I am legend
When they eventually touch me.

Knowing that I can change many things
As I represent my family
I'll so much love the smile on mama's face,
That's my baby mama says
I'm the leader of a zillion fans
So put your gaddem hands in the air.

Cos when the cheer begins
Then I'll be king
And I'll reign supreme
That's if the cheer begins
Alas! When will the cheer begin? 

Written by: @Olladave
Olladave is a singer and poet

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