The Problem with the Golden Silence – Oluwasegun David Ogundipe

For the sake of clarity, when God created the world as an entity, He did not create it from silence or inaction. He did spoke words to bring the world we know today to reality, and he took some actions to bring the creatures therein to life. I am guided by the Holy books. With an unbridled level of audacity, I rely on this to say that any man who seeks to make the world better or effect change cannot succeed if silence and inaction are his tools for such dream.

 To clear any uncertainty about the destination of the wagon of this piece, this piece was triggered by the zeal not to allow our one-sided view of things and bias position erode the reality of the multi-dimensional world we found ourselves. For record purpose, I write on Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo whose silence still troubles my mind and smears mud on other shepherds and the flocks. His silence kills silently; it kills the trust of the people in the church. His silence makes a nauseating noise; it cries to be voiced out and clear the smoky and scandalous cloud. His silence points a guilty finger; a finger that there is blood on his altar.

Last year, while surfing the internet, I stumbled on a disgusting news item which linked the COZA pastor with a sexual scandal with Eze Walter. Sincerely, I was not surprised because even the bible Pastor Biodun opens every Sunday made it clear that when the end approaches, a series of events shall unfold. However, the shocker came when series of other sexual scandals linked to the Pastor emerged. At that point, I grew so inquisitive to hear from the COZA man. Surprisingly, the man of God only attached the humiliation to be the plot of men who are envious of the new church.

For that point, there are three questions Pastor Biodun should answer in the affirmative to buy any lucid and unprejudiced man to his camp. One, is Pastor Biodun the founder of COZA? Second, is he the only pastor in COZA? Then thirdly, is he the one financing the construction of the said church? The reason for these questions are plain, if Pastor Biodun is the founder of COZA, someone somewhere might probably set this up to bring the church down. If he is the only COZA pastor, it could also be the reason he was the only one linked to the series of shameful acts. If he is the hand financing the construction of the new church, it could be an attempt to make him lose the zeal to do something for God. Sadly, none of the answers is to the affirmative. The debate raged on like a conflagration on dry bushes. Nonetheless, pastor Biodun was quick to drop the inefficient shield of that excuse when giant media punches seemed to land on his delicate parts. Then, on that Sunday, before inquisitive congregation, he spoke confidently that God told him to subscribe to silence and that his reply shall be robust when the time comes. One is forced to ask how he managed to maneuver the church with such cunning and derisory proclamation.

Months have passed; the silence has become so undignified and unwarranted. Who cares about his robust reply? Which god told him to keep mute when such allegations are capable of eroding the church and his reputation? Which brand of anointing makes him wallow in self pity and celebrated shame all in the name of silence? It is a rebuttable presumption that every man on the altar is called by God for a purpose. God operates with words and actions. Anyone who stands to represent him or claim he was chosen by him should follow suit and not deal with issues disgracefully and with shaming suspicion. Who needs a thesis of rebuttal from Pastor Fatoyinbo? Different people alleged that he was involved in the same act and challenged him to deny it for them to tender their evidence but his version of God told him to be mute so that the evidence does not come to the limelight. It is as simple as YES or NO.

No logical man expects Pastor Biodun to be a Saint or an Angel. He is only expected to have a level of morality above that of the common men. His level of self-denial and discipline should preach a sermon to the congregation he stands to teach. Reasonably, his conduct may not be impeccable, but it should be acceptable to the standard set by the class of people he claims he belongs to and not an opprobrium to the revered biblical preaching. Interestingly, his indecorous silence has paid off in the minds of people who have accepted that the ricochet he is determined to bury should leave him to God for being so licentious. But the truth is any rational man who is not spiritually misled and can read the writing on the wall knows Pastor Biodun is being authentically pusillanimous, apprehensively culpable and has a high likelihood of concealing a grandeur skeletal structure of filthy acts.

 His silence and the purpose for it points to mendacity. Relax, I am not pronouncing him guilty, his silence is doing that for him. That is the problem and danger in silence when one doesn’t know there is an exception to the golden nature of silence.

Thank God for him. Now, not for the alleged act which still remains not established but for the type of nation he finds himself where an outrageous and inexcusable act can easily be forgotten upon the emergence of other national asperity and social acerbity. Wonder if he could escape with such deadly silence in advanced nations whose media even has the power of making the President sign out.

Even if Eze’s allegation was falsely orchestrated, Pastor Biodun needs to explain his side of the story. Nigerians could be in the hardest of situation; they can still place the stories of both sides on a scale and tell which one holds water. Eze Walter did what she saw as right and brave. If the allegation was true, no matter how any man sees her, I think before God and every truth cherished man, she is forgiven and blessed. Before me too, as I told her in a message, she is blessed. If Pastor Biodun is innocent, before God he is blessed but some of us who are always interested in the truth of the matter still see his silence as condescending. Perhaps, God will tell him to speak up and launch his robust reply to make the doubting Thomas among us keep shut and attend his service for blessing. Until then, Pastor Biodun lives with a deadly burden which he sees as a golden silence.

Oluwasegun writes.

The views expressed above are solely that of the writer and not necessarily that of or its associates.

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