Let Those Who Are Tired Of Being Tired Hear Me – Kehinde Ajose

I have a confession to make…I am tired. Tired    of being stuck in traffic for hours as a result of a bad road network. I am tired of my pings not delivering fast enough as a result of comatose telecoms  providers that just refuse to upgrade their services .I am tired of getting home and being welcomed by the darkness that woke me up that same morning. I am tired of   people who talk more about their  pastors than about God. For the Nigerian the tale of tiredness continues, and the script is written by a people who refuse to live the change they desire.

The tale of    tiredness    usually end like a predictable romantic comedy – you know where it will end …very predictable. The state of tiredness does not move the person to do something about what he/she is tired about.

 “I am tired of my husband …he keeps beating me up and abuses me verbally”

“I am engaged to a man who does   not value nor respect me. But he gives me money …what should I do? I am tired”

“I don’t derive satisfaction from my job, asides that the salary cannot even cater for a decent   shopping spree”

“I graduated from the university five years ago, I don’t have a job, I am frustrated. This country is bad”

“I didn’t get that lucrative business deal because I am not from the ethnic group of the company’s CEO”

Ours is a generation of tired individuals who are tired about the narratives of their lives, tired about the country they live in, tired about the injustices they encounter daily as a result of the insensitive leaders who parade themselves in the political terrain. Every now and then we read political commentaries in our national dailies crafted by people who are tired of the state of the nation….but the state of tiredness hasn’t moved them to do something about what they are angry, frustrated, and bothered about.

Our nation is filled with politicians who never get tired of travelling abroad. They get there but refuse to apply what they’ve learnt to the growth and development of our dear nation.

LEAP Africa’s Ndidi Nwuneli made such a profound statement when she said “Find what makes you angry and do something about it.” In the same vein, find what makes you tired, and do something about it. Aren’t you tired of being tired? If our country has to be better, if your life has to be better, you need to grow and go beyond being tired, to being tired of that state of tiredness and employing workable solutions that will change   the course of your life. The people who make a mark in this world are individuals who got tired of being tired and decided to light a candle, instead of cursing the darkness.

All in all, you‘ve got to stop being tired about the things that count in your life and start  the journey towards  writing a new tale starring you as someone who got tired  and did something worthwhile about that state of tiredness.

Kehinde Ajose is a media entrepreneur and talent development strategist who helps individuals to discover and develop their talents in order to create wealth and become iconic brands.Follow him on Twitter-@splendidkenny http://KehindeAjose.com

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