Generational Voices: Someday! – Soyombo Ayomikun

Outside these shores someday

As kings we would march into distant lands

The white ones beholding us with awe

As we will be haloed by clouds of glory from the Niger area

We will instruct one & dozens will respond

Someday dignity & peace will again find us

Our wives will no longer die in labour

From preventable haemorrhages & convulsions

Polio & cholera will become tales

Tales entirely fluffy lacking substance

Neonates & infants will no longer be lost to anaemia

Someday dignity & peace will again find us

I see generators & inverters loosing their place

As the government will overwhelm all with constant power

Sudden conflagaration of homes by fuel explosions will cease

Because we will no longer have to be sleeping on stockpiled petrol

Going to work will be in well-ironed cloths

Someday dignity & peace will again find us

Madness & politics will be forever split

With our leaders baptized by a fire of sacrifices

Embracing leadership’s crown of thorns they will bleed for our cause

All to see the rivers of joy drown Nigeria

I see leaders who will rather die than lie

Days when dignity & peace will again find us

I see days when abductions & terrorism

Will be fictions on our screens rather than the norm

Seasons when the wealth of one will remain meaningless

Until others are rescued from poverty’s useless grips

I see a land united by love & blazing dreams

Moments when we will be found by dignity & peace

Our children will study in classrooms

Not overwhelmed by thoughts & fear of collapsing walls

I see the government owned universities growing up to stature

As strikes would have been buried beneath rocks of ‘calendar regularity’

Foreigners embracing our exchange programmes to breathe in our wisdom

Someday dignity & peace will again find us

I see graduates from our ivory towers emerging fully baked

Not as devilish souls longing to consume the ‘national cake’

Acts we’ve seen in some leaders who cut big chunks with knives of greed

As if their ancestors alone baked the cake

A new breed of Nigerians indeed trail blazers

Someday dignity & peace will again find us

I see beautiful & safe interstate roads

Adorned as sacred alleys in a royal kingdom

Purified healthy water gushing out from all taps

Burying our thirst from the villages to the cities

Sealing the coffin of cholera & other faeco-oral diseases

Someday dignity & peace will again find us

We will never stop to shout for change

Till we become living ‘statues of liberty’ apparelled in honour

We will keep battling the malignancy in our government

Until all cancerous leaders & followers are wiped off our coast

These generational voices will forever ring through history

As angels of liberty that breathed freedom on the Nigerian dream

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